Study abroad: Yale keeps up its support for international students

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Yale keeps up its support for students who study abroad
University administrators are pushing for federal legislation in response to the difficulties faced by overseas students.

The University claims it has continued to campaign on a federal legislature for foreign students and scholars to be a part of the Yale community, as reported by Yale university’s news portal. Currently, officials are trying to support government laws that remove restrictions on a student’s choice of major or research project and permit foreign students to enter the country with study abroad programme. 

The management also favours removing restrictions on courses or research areas for students accepted to the university. Currently, foreign students who want to be able to work in the country after graduating are given up to three years under the Optional Practical Training program if they majored in STEM; non-STEM majors are given up to 12 months.

International students have increased in quantity and prominence on Yale’s campus due to the University’s efforts to better its worldwide relations and increase the number of international students it welcomes on campus. It is committed to attracting the brightest and most promising students and researchers to its campus. More than 6,000 international students and scholars from more than 120 countries are enrolled at Yale.

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