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All About MSc Marketing & Technology

MSc Marketing & Technology is a course that aims to transform students into uniquely-trained individuals possessing the knowledge and required skills to become successful marketers in dynamic and technology-driven industries. MSc Marketing & Technology is an intensive and demanding program designed for students with an excellent undergraduate degree who wish to launch or further their career in Marketing & Technology. The most important aspect is to develop an understanding of the audience and the market to create targeted tactics and products that hold unique value along with the blend of technology. 


CourseMSc Marketing & Technology
DegreeMasters of Science
Major SubjectsTechnological Innovation & Market Creation, Digital Marketing and Branding Creating Customer Experiences, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Analytics, Research Design & Analysis.
Program Duration1-2 years
Job RolesMarketing manager, product manager, brand manager, advertising manager, PR manager, media manager, digital communications manager, account manager, marketing strategist, marketing analyst, marketing consultant, or sales manager.
Average FeesINR 20,67,817
Average Salary INR 59,39,162

Why Study MSc in Marketing and Technology?

Traditional and oh-so-basic marketing education most often neglects the marketing abilities that the top recruiting companies want their employees to possess. The MSc Marketing & Technology departs from the rather passive marketing logic that assumes markets and marketing channels are fixed features of reality. Instead, it shapes and contributes to how managers can proactively create new markets and marketing landscapes that the top-tier hiring companies require.

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Program Structure

The MSc Marketing & Technology consists of :

  • six compulsory modules 
  • two optional modules
  • a research dissertation 

The compulsory modules comprise the following subjects: Technological Innovation & Market Creation, Digital Marketing and Branding Creating Customer Experiences, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Analytics, Research Design & Analysis.

You’ll also have to undertake an independent piece of research focusing on the intersection of marketing, technology management, and innovation.

Universities offering MSc in Marketing and Technology Abroad

Here is a detailed list of all the top universities providing an MSc in Marketing and Technology in 2022.

UniversityCourse Offered
Goldsmiths, University of LondonMSc Marketing and Technology
HEC ParisMSc Marketing
Columbia UniversityMS in Marketing Science
Imperial College Business SchoolMSc Strategic Marketing
Columbia Business SchoolMS in Marketing Science
Manchester (Alliance) Business SchoolMSc Marketing
EMLyon Business SchoolMasters in Transformation Digital, Marketing & Strategy
ESCP Europe Business SchoolMSc in Marketing & Creativity
ESADE Business SchoolMSc in Marketing Management
Warwick Business SchoolMSc Marketing and Strategy
EDHEC Business SchoolMasters in Marketing Management
WU Vienna University of Economics and BusinessMasters in Marketing

Admission Requirements

The admission requirements vary for different universities and countries but the general requirements are mentioned below for taking admission in any of the above-mentioned universities for pursuing MSc Marketing and Technology.

Eligibility Requirements

For admission to MSc Marketing & Technology, you should normally have (or expect to be awarded) an undergraduate degree of at least a second class standard in the relevant subject i.e. Marketing and its subsidiaries.

English Language Requirements


IELTSIELTS 6.0 overall with a minimum component score of 5.5
TOEFL iBTOverall Score of 79 – 92 


IELTSIELTS 7.0 overall 
TOEFL iBTOverall Score of 90 – 100


IELTSIELTS 7.0 overall 
TOEFL iBTOverall Score of 100

Documents Required

Here is a list of all the basic documents required for MSc Marketing & Technology, which may change a little according to the university.

  • Academic Transcripts/Mark Sheets and Proof of Existing Qualifications
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • CV or Resume
  • English Language Test Scores i.e IELTS, TOEFL
  • Evidence of Financial Sources
  • Visa
  • Passport

How to Apply for MSc in Marketing and Technology?

The specifications might vary from one University to the other, students must checklist the following common steps to apply to an MSc in Marketing and Technology degree abroad:

Step-1: Shortlist a University

When planning to apply to a foreign university for an MSc Marketing and Technology degree, the first step is to select a suitable University, depending on the specializations offered and the availability of supervisors in the proposed research area. Also, students must ensure that they meet the eligibility requirements set by the University that they are applying to.

Step-2: Gather the Documents Required.

Once you have shortlisted a University, the next step is to compile all the documents. This will include test scores such as IELTS or TOEFL as proof of English proficiency, SOP, Letters of Recommendation, and more. 

 Step-3: Get Started with Your Online Application

After compiling the necessary documents, students can begin their online applications by filling in the required details including Personal, Academic, and Professional background.

Cost of Studying MSc Marketing & Technology

The cost of studying for MSc in Marketing and Technology have a huge difference on the basis of which country you have applied in. Here is a list of the approx amount that a particular country may charge for this course.

CountryTuition Fee per annum
UKGBP 16,000 – GBP 24,000 (INR 16 – 24 Lakhs)
USAUSD 25,000 – USD 60,000 (INR 18 – 40 Lakhs)
Netherlands€20,700 (INR 8 Lakh)
IrelandEUR 25,000 (INR 21 lakh)
SpainEUR 1,000 – 3,500 (INR 84,000 – 2 Lakhs)

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Cost of Living

The cost of living varies from country to country. As an international student, managing expenses all alone is a very difficult task but if you are aware of the average cost of living in a certain country, it can definitely help you get an idea. However, you can check out Leverage Edu’ s Cost of Living Calculator to find out a detailed breakdown of expenses in the most popular cities in the world.

CountryAverage Amount 
UKGBP 12,000 (INR 12 Lakh) per year
USAUSD 10,000 0 USD 18,000 (INR 8 – 15 Lakh) per year
Netherlands€800 – 1000 (INR 33,000 – 41,000)  per month
IrelandEUR 7,000 – EUR 12,000 (INR 5 -10 Lakh) per year
SpainEUR 900 -1,100 (INR 59,000 – 92,000) per month

Average Salary

After the completion of this course, there are a plethora of opportunities for graduates. The average salary for an MSc Marketing & Technology graduate usually ranges from:

CountryAverage Amount Per annum
UKGBP 25,000 (INR 25 Lakh)
USAUSD 80,026 (INR 59 Lakh)


What are the three phases of the marketing process?

The three phases of the Marketing process are Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation.

What is the difference between Marketing and Sales?

Marketing is about building awareness around your organization and brand to potential customers while Sales is about turning viewership into a profit by converting potential customers into actual ones.

What is the difference between the MBA and the MSc?

The MBA is entirely course-based, with no mandatory research aspect to it (i.e., no thesis). A minimum of two years of work experience is required of all candidates to contextualize the theoretical concepts being taught. The MSc (Master of Science) programs are research-based programs, which help students to become specialists in one subject (finance, management, marketing, or supply chain management).

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