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Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Trondheim, Norway



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History, Affiliations, and Rankings

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology is a center for technological education and research in Norway that was established in 1996 after the merger of six research and higher education institutions in Trondheim. The history of the University however, dates back to 1760 when the Trondheim Academy, which later became the Royal Norwegian Society of Science and Letter, was established. With a solid foundation in Technology and Natural Sciences, NTNU offers education that is internationally-focused and experience-based. The University is affiliated with the European University Association (EUA), Top International Managers in Engineering (TIME), CESAER universities, ATHENS program, European Society for Engineering Education (SEFI), Santander Universities, European Association for International Education (EAIE) and the Erasmus Student Network (ESN). It ranks at the 369th spot in the QS World University Rankings 2022

Infrastructure, Campuses, and Courses

The main campus of NTNU is located in Trondheim, Norway in addition to which, the University has two campuses in Ålesund and Gjøvik and an international office in Brussels. The Trondheim campus comprises multiple constituent campuses, in a combination of contemporary and historic buildings, each dedicated to distinct subject areas. The Gløshaugen Campus consists of the Natural Sciences and the Engineering building, the Solsiden Campus is home to the University’s Academy of Fine Arts, Medicine and Health Studies are taught at Campus Øya, while the Tyholt Campus is dedicated for Marine Technology. In all, NTNU offers 350+ study programs across its 9 Faculties and 55 Departments of specialization. A breadth of Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral programs in disciplines including Humanities, Social Sciences, Economics, Entrepreneurship, and Aesthetic disciplines are offered, along with continuing education options. 

Accomplishments and Alumni

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology is a University with an international focus, with academic, research and industry collaborators spread across the globe. Focused on Technology and Natural Science education, NTNU produces 75% of Master’s candidates in Norway in technology. The University also produces the most teachers of Fine Arts and Health in Norway, through its various teacher-training courses. In 2021, NTNU distributed over NOK 66,39,000 million to 41 commercialization projects among students and researchers. The University is a member of the Nordic Five Tech, which is a group of 5 leading technology universities in Norway, grounded in shared values - entrepreneurship, environmental-focus and student-centered learning environments. With more than 1,00,000 alumni spanning the globe, NTNU is a well-connected university that provides lifelong support to the graduates through career development services. Some of the most notable alumni of NTNU are - Julie Dahle Aagard (Norwegian Jazz Musician), Nils Petter Molvaer (Norwegian Jazz Trumpeter, Composer, and Record Producer) and Jan Gunner Hoff (Jazz Pianist, Composer, Arranger, Bandleader and Professor).

Student Diversity and Visiting Companies

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology has a student body of 42,800+ students constituting nearly 6% international students that number to 3269 students, who come from more than 120 countries worldwide, including students from Spain, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands. Just above half of the student population consists of women students. Being a student at NTNU, you will experience the best of both worlds - academics and social and cultural life in and around the campus. The Student Society “Samfundet” organizes concerts, cultural events, trips around Norway, movie nights and more, where students can interact with peers from different backgrounds. NTNU graduates work at companies such as Deloitte, EY, Accenture, Microsoft, Cognite, etc.

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