A career in Hospital Administration

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Career in Hospital Administration

The functional proficiency of a hospital is not completely dependent on the efficiency of doctors and nurses but the managerial staff also plays an important role in ensuring the smooth functioning and organisation of healthcare centres and hospitals. Since the healthcare industry is growing at a great pace with the development of super-speciality hospitals, there is a dire need of efficient non-medical staff which can effectively handle the administration of a medical centre. Further, the arena of Hospital Administration is quite different from general managerial fields and is thrivingly emerging in the contemporary world. Through this blog, we aim to explore this domain of Hospital Administration and management, courses offered in this field, top universities as well as the career scope it entails.

What is Hospital Administration?

Focusing on the organisational aspect of health services, Hospital Administration encompasses the management of overall activities and needs of a healthcare institution. The immense need for managing the non-medical activities generally goes unnoticed by the people. Just as a doctor can brilliantly handle a patient, similarly a hospital administrator can manage and supervise the diverse situations that happens at a hospital and require non-medical supervision. The central aim of hospital administrators is to ensure the medical centre is facilitating quality services along with adapting the most cost-effective ways. The basic tasks involved in this field are planning, staffing, public relations, human resource management and accounting related to the medical institutions.

Why Study Hospital Administration?

With advancements in the techniques and technologies of the medical industry, there is a growing need for trained professionals who can manage the operational activities of a healthcare institution. Many students are opting for varied Hospital Management courses to study this field and pursue a full-fledged career in the same. This specialised domain has also gained popularity amongst those wanting to explore the healthcare industry but have not acquired the usual MBBS degree. Being a newly emerging field, it has a plethora of benefits to offer to the candidates. Being a hospital administrator, your roles and responsibilities are not merely limited to management of the staff but also the accounts, insurance and medical records.

Courses in Hospital Administration


If you wish to pursue Diploma, you can apply for the course after completing 10+2 level. In most cases, a diploma course lasts one year.


B.Sc. in Hospital Administration is the undergraduate degree in hospital administration. The length of a B.Sc. programme at a recognised university is three years.


M.B.A./M.Sc. in hospital administration is the postgraduate degree in this field. To obtain this academic certification, aspirants would have to devote two vital years of their lives.

Skills required to become Hospital Administrators

  • Technical skills—acquired through formal education or training
  • Leadership and teamwork entail leading by example in terms of positivism, mentorship, and professionalism, as well as mentoring and developing those on the team.
  • This trait can assist limit harm in an uncomfortable scenario by providing acute problem-solving and rational planning abilities.
  • Understanding patient concerns and conveying varied policies to staff are two examples of communication abilities.
  • Adaptability and organisational skills—organizing the hospital’s operations as a whole, as well as ensuring smooth inter- and intra-departmental collaboration.

Course Curriculum

  • Healthcare delivery system
  • Medical terminology
  • Hospital and Health system (History and Evolution)
  • Hospital organizational structure
  • Hospital operation management
  • Principles of management
  • Clinical administrative and supportive services
  • Management information system
  • Functional hospital organization
  • Billing and insurance
  • Statistics
  • Patient communication
  • Hospital related law

Eligibility Criteria for Admission in Hospital Administration


A student seeking admission to a diploma programme must have completed their studies at the 10+2 level or have an equivalent qualification with a minimum of 50%.


To get admitted to undergraduate programmes, you must achieve a minimum of 50% in your 10+2 grade or an equivalent qualification. This course is open to students with a scientific background.


You must have either an MBBS or a B.Sc in hospital management to pursue an MBA/M.Sc.

Hospital Administration Colleges in India

Hospital Administration can be pursued from the colleges/institutes mentioned in the list provided below:

1All India Institute of Medical Sciences [AIIMS]New Delhi
2Armed Forces Medical College [AMFC]Pune
3Indian Institute of ManagementAhmedabad
4Indian Institute of ManagementBangalore
5Indian Institute of ManagementCalcutta
6The Tamil Nadu DR. M.G.R Medical UniversityChennai
7Indian Institute of Health Management ResearchJaipur
8Apollo Institute of Hospital AdministrationHyderabad
9Tata Institute of Social ServicesMumbai
10Symbiosis Centre of Health CarePune

Hospital Administration Universities Abroad

A good university holds the power to creatively mould your career and carve the best future for you. Following are some of the globally esteemed universities offering a plethora of diploma, bachelor’s and master’s degrees in hospital administration:

Scope Of Hospital Administrators

They are critical to the healthcare system’s success. The need for high-quality healthcare facilities is growing. New job possibilities are emerging as our population rises and the number of healthcare challenges grows.More healthcare administrators will be required to manage their workload as the number of personnel in a facility grows.

By entering this special discipline that blends the medical field with the arena of management, you can avail enormous opportunities which can shape your personality and career. To secure a job in this imminent industry you need to be well-equipped with the strategies required to facilitate the efficient management of a healthcare centre. You can discover plentiful opportunities at medical institutions like rehabilitation centres, ambulatory care centres, clinics, hospitals, etc. Let’s take a look at some of the top-notch profiles in the field of Hospital Administration:

Training and Development Manager

The basic role of a training development manager is to lead and guide the newly hired professional candidates in a healthcare institution. These managers equip such candidates with important tools and techniques to carry out varied day-to-day tasks of the organisation. Further, you will also play a central role in determining the set of responsibilities of the new staff.

Social and Community Support Manager

The duty of a social and community support manager revolves around generating healthcare awareness in a community. They carry out several programs for the public to emphasise the importance of good health. Such professionals are also called by healthcare companies to carry out sessions to provide details about reaching different communities and informing them about potential health issues and concerns. 

Human Resource Manager

As an HR manager in a healthcare institution, your primary role would be to handle the efficiency of the employees. You will have to efficiently manage the medical staff, their working schedules as well as the recruitment and selection of new trainees. Professionals with a degree in hospital administration also assist the other employees related to their salaries, perks and benefits.

Health Insurance Specialist

Being a health insurance specialist you will be expected to work with patients or people in general and have to ensure that the hospitals get accurate data regarding the use of health insurance policies and enrolled applications. By interacting with the patients they can also inform them how to claim their insurance along with determining the payment methods.

Some other higher-level profiles in Hospital Administration include: 

  • Vice President of Quality
  • Associate Executive Director
  • Recruitment Specialist
  • Director of Clinical Operations
  • Compliance Educator
  • Hospital Operations Administration
  • Director of Patient Care Service  

Top Recruiters for Hospital Administration

  1. Reliance Life Sciences (RLS)
  2. SRL Diagnostics (SRL)
  3. Fortis Healthcare Ltd
  4. Max Healthcare 
  5. Apollo Hospitals
  6. CARE Hospitals Group
  7. Philips Healthcare
  8. Dr Lal PathLabs

Hence, we hope that this blog has helped you gain clarity regarding the various aspects of Hotel Administration. Take the help of Leverage Edu’s AI tool to browse through a wide range of programs in this field and it will help you narrow down suitable courses and universities that match your interests and aspirations and equip you with the necessary knowledge and exposure to establish a career in Hospital Management and Administration.

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