Highest Paid Lawyers in India

Top 10 Highest Paid Lawyers in India

Law and justice are very important parts of any society. Be it developed or developing, every country has a need for justice, fairness and rule of law. A large part of that institution is Lawyers who help provide justice to the citizens. One of the most important characteristics of a lawyer is the experience they hold. The more experienced, the better chances they have to win their cases. Such seasoned lawyers are able to solve multiple problems for citizens and organizations that can potentially win their cases or save them a lot of capital. It’s only natural that such experienced lawyers get paid heftily for their services. So, let’s check out the highest-paid lawyers in India!

Highest Paid Lawyers in India

Here is a list of famous lawyers of India

  • Ram Jethmalani
  • Soli Sorabjee
  • Fali S Nariman
  • Mukul Rohtagi
  • Ashok Desai
  • Sidharth Luthra
  • Sushil Kumar
  • Shanti Bhushan
  • Pinky Anand
  • Kapil Sibbal
  • Harish Salve
  • Aryaman Sundaram
  • K K Venugopal
  • KTS Tulsi

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Top Paid Lawyers in India and Their Income

Let us know about some of the most influential lawyers in India and how much they take per case: 

Ram Jethmalani

Highest Paid Lawyers in India
Credit: DNA India

Ram Jethmalani was an Indian lawyer and politician. He also served as India’s Union minister of law and justice. He was known in the Indian legal world for his passion for criminal law and the high-profile civil cases that he used to get. 

He is the highest paid lawyer in India and used to charge up to 25 lakh for one appearance. He had clients like Harshad Mehta, Ketan Parekh and has also defended L. K. Advani in the Hawala scam. 

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Harish Salve

Harish Salve SA
Credit: Blackstone Chambers

Harish Salve served as the Solicitor General of India for three years. He argued the first Anti-Dumping case in the Supreme Court of India. He has had a diverse clientele which includes Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries Limited, Tata Group, ITC Limited, and Salman Khan. He fought the case for Kulbhushan Jadav who was accused of being a spy by the Pakistani military and was sentenced to death.

Fali S Nariman

Highest Paid Lawyers in India
Credit: Indian Express

Fali S Nariman has received the prestigious  Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan and the Prize for Justice for his contribution to the law and judicial system. He is also an internationally recognized Indian jurist. His appearance in many cases that are important like Golak Nath, S.P. Gupta, Pai Foundation, etc. He has also represented the Government of Gujarat during the case of Narmada rehabilitation and gave his appearance for the bail of the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu J Jayalalitha.

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Aryaman Sundaram

Highest Paid Lawyers in India
Credit: Indian Legal

He has been designated as a senior advocate and primarily practices corporate law but also takes up constitutional law and media-related cases. He has regularly been representing the Board of Control for Cricket in India, Anil Ambani and several other high-profile clients.

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K K Venugopal

Highest Paid Lawyers in India
Credit: New Indian Express

K K Venugopal is considered to be one of the most famous lawyers in India. He was even asked by the government of Bhutan for his vital consultations for the drafting of their Constitution. He has received the prestigious Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan for his work as a lawyer.

Gopal Subramaniam

Gopal Subramanium
Credit: Somerville College

Gopal Subramaniam practices mainly in the Supreme Court of India and is a very famous lawyer. He has also been the Solicitor General of India from 2009-2011. There 2were many important cases that had his appearance which includes cases like OBC quota in central educational institutions and sealing of commercial buildings in residential areas of Delhi. Subramaniam has also been the chairman of the Bar Council of India during his time as the Solicitor General.

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Ashok Desai

Ashok Desai
Credit: The Leaflet

Ashok H. Desai was an Indian lawyer, practising in the Supreme Court of India. He held office as the Attorney General of India from 9 July 1996 to 6 May 1998. Earlier, he was the Solicitor General of India from 18 December 1989 to 2 December 1990. He was awarded the Padma Bhushan award and the Law Luminary Award in 2001. He was given an honorary doctorate in “recognition of his contribution to the field of law and jurisprudence” by the North Orissa University in September 2009.

KTS Tulsi

Highest Paid Lawyers in India
Credit: Contact Details Wale

Being a known and a senior advocate who practices in the Supreme Court of India, his big list of high-profile clients include Robert Vadra. From 1994 onwards, he has been the President of the Criminal Justice Society of India. Tulsi has also been a representative of the Indian government in the Supreme Court.

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  1. If I have a case and I hire one of these lawyers, how long would they be able to get everything resolved?
    The reason why I asked is that one of my friends from India said that sometimes cases go for 4 years before they settle.

    1. Hi! It depends on the case to case and the gravity of the offense. Hope this answers your question.

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