IELTS Prize competition open to SA students

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IELTS Prize competition open to SA students

South African students who are eligible to apply to IELTS-accepting universities can now enter the British Council’s annual IELTS Prize competition to potentially win an award of £3,000. The sum will go towards payment of their university tuition fees.

IELTS Prize is a global initiative for students planning to study abroad. This initiative will provide students with financial assistance. It will also cater for the opportunity to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate courses of choice in English-speaking universities.

IELTS Prize is an annual competition held every year to award ambitious students. This year this competition is open to students from nine countries, including South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Bangladesh, Canada, Colombia and Lebanon.

Application windows for the IELTS test will remain open till 30 September 2022 for undergraduate or postgraduate studies in the 2023/24 academic year. After the announcement of test results, the British Council will select seven winners through a competitive application process to receive the cash prize. 

Nadine Mukhtar, from the UK, has received the IELTS Prize. While talking to BIZ Community, Mukhtar said, “This prize helped me decide which country I wanted to pursue my law studies in and turned my academic aspirations into a reality.”

She also added that she will encourage the students around her to apply for the IELTS Prize competition during their study abroad journey. This will not only help the students to fund their studies but also it will increase their confidence. Such initiatives inspire students to give their best in their respective fields. 

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