This Day in History- February 13

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February 13

“We are not makers of history, we are made by history”, said Martin Lutehr King Jr. History is an inseparable part of our life which connects us form our past. Every day has some significance of its own and shows us how important each and every day is. Here are some of the major events that happened on this day in history- February 13.

1258: Fall of Baghdad
Abbasid caliphate was destroyed, and thousands of people were slaughtered by Mongols, eventually ending the golden Islamic age with the fall of more than 1 million people on February 13, 1258.

1601: East Indian Company Departed for India
The 1st East Indian Company voyage departed from London which John Lancaster was leading.

1649: Political Tract published by John Milton
John Milton was an English author who published his first political tract called ‘The tenure of Kings and Magistrates’. He published this tract after King Charles 1 was executed.

1689: Bill of Rights Adopted 
The British parliament adopted the bill of rights, which reduced the crown’s powers and gave more rights to the parliament.

1883: Richard Wagner died
Richard Wagner was a German composer who influenced western music to a large extent and died on this day at the age of 69 on February 13, 1883.

1942: Operation Sea Lion Cancelled
The operation sea lion was the Hitler’s operation for the invasion of the United Kingdom which was cancelled on February 13.

1960: First French Atomic Bomb
France set off their first atomic bomb on this day in history in the Sahara desert.

1945: Budapest Captured
In a long going battle with the Nazi army, USSR captured Budapest.

1945: Germany Bombed
Allied planes started bombing over Dresden in Germany which resulted in a mass firestorm, and over 20,000 people died in that firestorm on February 13, 1945.

2002: Protection of Wild Animals Bill
The parliament of Scotland passed a law on the protection of wild animals, which prevented wild animals’ hunting.

Famous Birthdays

Here is a list of some of the famous birthdays on February 13-

  • Robbie Williams- Singer, Songwriter
  • Joseph Banks- Naturalist
  • Bess Truman- former first lady of the United States of America
  • Thomas Robert Malthus- Economist
  • William Shockley- Physicist, Inventor
  • Jerry Springer- television presenter

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