This Day in History – March 3

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March 3

We always wonder what this day in future will be like but only a few of us have an actual curiosity to know about what this day in history must be like. This blog will tell you what all happened in India and around the world on March 3. 

What Events Happened in India On March 3? 

March 3
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78 AD: Saka Era
78 AD marked the origin of the Saka Era in India.
1575: Battle of Tukaroi
On March 3, 1575, the Mughal Emperor Akbar crushed and defeated the Bengali armed force at the Battle of Tukaroi, otherwise called the Battle of Bajhaura. The fight was between the Mughals and the Sultanate of Bengal and Bihar.
1939: Mahatma Gandhi fasted 
Mahatma Gandhi started a fast in Mumbai (Bombay) to protest against the autocratic rule in India.
1982: Firaq Gorakhpuri death anniversary 
The death anniversary of the popular Indian poet and critic is on this day, Firaq Gorakhpuri, who passed away on March 3, 1982.

What Events Happened Around the World on March 3? 

Elvis Presley
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1627: Piet Heyn
On March 3, 1627, Dutch privateer Piet Heyn assaulted and conquered 22 Portuguese ships in the Bay of Salvador, Brazil.
1837: Republic of Texas
US President Andrew Jackson and Congress recognized the Republic of Texas.
1857: Second Opium War
The second Opium War started where France and the United Kingdom declared war on China.
1861: Emancipation Manifesto
Alexander II of Russia signed the Emancipation Manifesto, freeing serfs and gave them the full rights of free citizens.
1863: National Academy of Sciences 
On March 3, 1863, Abraham Lincoln granted a charter for the National Academy of Sciences.
1887: Education of Helen Keller
Anne Sullivan started teaching 6-year-old blind-deaf Helen Keller.
1899: Admiral of the Navy
George Dewey became the first of the United States of America to hold the rank of Admiral of the Navy.
1904: Political document recorded 
Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany became the first person to make a sound recording of a political document. He used Thomas Edison’s cylinder.
1941: Hermann Goering 
Netherlands NSB-leader Mussert visited Hermann Goering in Berlin.
1955: Elvis Presley
On March 3, 1955, Elvis Presley made his first TV appearance on a radio broadcast of “Louisiana Hayride”.
1974: Turkish Airlines crashed 
Turkish Airlines Flight 981 crashed in the Ermenonville Forest outside Paris killing all 346 people on board.
1980: 17th Prime Minister of Canada
Pierre Trudeau was sworn in as the 17th Prime Minister of Canada for the second time.
1991: Latvia and Estonia 
Latvia & Estonia voted to become independent from the USSR.
1991: Voting age dropped 
Switzerland voted to drop the voting age from 20 to 18.
1998: Bill Gates testified 
Bill Gates testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee on March 3, 1998, about Microsoft’s dominant role in the software industry.
2002: Switzerland became a member of the United Nations
Swiss citizens voted solely in favour of their country becoming a member of the United Nations.
2005: Steve Fossett
On March 3, 2005, Steve Fossett became the first person without refuelling to fly an aeroplane around the world alone without any stops-a journey of 40,234 km/25,000 mi completed in 67 hours and 2 minutes.
2013: First child born with HIV cured
A 2-year-old US girl became the first child born with HIV to be cured.
2019: SpaceX Dragon capsule
The SpaceX Dragon capsule successfully docked with the International Space Station during its demonstration run on March 3, 2019.
2020: World Bank promised humanitarian assistance
The World Bank promised $12 billion in humanitarian assistance to developing countries struggling with COVID-19.

List of Important Birthdays 

Jamsetji Tata
March 3 also marks the birth anniversary of Jamsetji Tata who was an Indian pioneer industrialist and the founder of the world-renowned, Tata Group, India’s biggest conglomerate company. 

Alexander Graham Bell
Born on March 3, 1847, Alexander Graham Bell was a Scottish-born inventor, scientist, and engineer and is credited with inventing the first practical telephone and patenting it.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus
Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is an Ethiopian biologist, public health researcher and official who has served as the Director-General of the World Health Organization since 2017.

Ronan Keating
Ronan Patrick John Keating, born on March 3, 1977, is an Irish singer, songwriter, guitarist and philanthropist.

Camila Cabello
Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao is a Cuban-American singer and songwriter.

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