This Day in History – June 6

June 6

What happens in the past, remains in the past. The significance of everything minor that has taken place in history holds a strong ground of importance in our present. Every event that took place in history has shaped our future. It is only true to say that every day as we live, we create history, and therefore, every event that occurs defines the course of our futures. We can learn from history and always make an effort to understand the significance of historical events. Let us dwell on the history of today and know about the events that happened This Day in History- June 6.

Events that Happened in India on June 6

1674: Sivaji proclaims himself as the King of India
Sivaji crowned himself King of India.

Credits: MocomiKids

1996: India – Pak Trade
Benazir Bhutto, Pakistan PM agreed upon opening up trade with India.

1997: Mother Teresa awarded a gold medal
U.S. Congress honoured Mother Teresa with a gold medal

2004: Tamil declared a “Classical Language”
In a joint sitting of the two houses of the Indian Parliament, President of India, Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam established Tamil as a “classical language”

Credits: Gowtham Arunachalam

Events Around The World on June 6

1505 – Lo Mustang Earthquake
Tibet and Nepal were severely affected by the Lo Mustang Earthquake that caused severe damage in Kathmandu and Indo -Gangetic Plain.

1513 – Battle of Novaro
The French under Louis II de la Tremoille were defeated by the Swiss troops in the Italian Wars. This forced them to abandon Milan.

1912 – Eruption of Novarupta in Alaska
The largest volcanic eruption of the 20th Century was the Eruption of Novarupta in Alaska, which started on June 6th, 1912.

1918 – Battle of Belleau Wood in WWI
The US Marine Corps suffered the worst single day’s casualties while attempting to recapture the wood at Chateau-Thierry.

1934 – Securities Exchange Act of 1934 Signed
The US President signed the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 into law. This led to the establishment of the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

1934 – US Navy’s Victory Over Imperial Japanese Navy
The US Navy defeated the Imperial Japanese Navy at the Battle of Midway. This was a major turning point in the Pacific Theater of World War II.

Credits : Past to Future

1975 – Britain continues membership with the European Economic Committee
The British referendum with 67% votes in favor resulted in the continued membership of the European Economic Committee.

1975 – Britain continues membership with the European Economic Committee
The British referendum with 67% votes in favor resulted in the continued membership of the European Economic Committee.

1982 – Beginning of Lebanon War
Forces under Israeli Defence Minister Ariel Sharon invaded southern Lebanon during Operation Peace for Galilee.

1993 – First Presidential Election in Mongolia
Punsalmaagiin Ochirbat won the First Presidential Election of Mongolia.

2002 – Eastern Mediterranean Event
A near-earth asteroid exploded over the Mediterranean Sea between Greece and Libya,  which had a force of 26 kilotons.

Famous Birthdays on June 6

1606 – Pierre Corneille, French Playwright

1714 – Joseph I, King of Portugal

1799 – Alexander Pushkin, Russian Author, and Poet

1867– Baba Kharak Singh, Indian Freedom Fighter

1929 – Sunil Dutt, Indian Film Actor

1970 – Sunil Joshi, Indian Cricketer

Deaths on June 6

1891– John A MacDonald

1968 – Robert F Kennedy

2013 – Esther Williams

Hope you are now familiar with the events of historical significance that took place on this day in history – June 6. For more such informative content, stay connected to Leverage Edu! For the latest updates around study blogs, you can follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & also subscribe to our newsletter.

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