This Day in History – February 11

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February 11

History written in textbooks may seem boring, but do you know that history is being every single day we live? The beauty of history is such that a past moment becomes a part of it and gives the indication of the coming future. From wars, truces, treaties, births, deaths, discoveries, breakthroughs, and much more, let us recall the events that happened through the years on this day in history, February 11.

660 BC: Foundation of Japan
The traditional date for the foundation of Japan by Emperor Jimmu on February 11 660 BC.

55: Death of Claudius Caesar
The mysterious death of Claudius Caesar Britannicus, the heir of Roman Emperorship. 

1543: Battle at Wayna Daga
Ethiopian and Portuguese troops defeated the Muslim army on February 11 1543.

1543: Signature of anti-French Covenant
Holy Emperor of Rome, Charles V and English King, Henry VIII, signed the anti-French covenant.

1720: 2nd Treaty of Stockholm
Sweden and Prussia signed a peace treaty on 11th of February 1720

1808: Anthracite coal
Anthracite coal burned as a fuel as an experiment at Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

1809: Patenting of steamboat
Robert Fulton patented steamboat

1840: La fille du Regiment premiered in Paris
Gaetano Donizetti’s Opera La Fille du Regiment premiered in Paris o February 11 1840.

1896: Salome premiered in Paris
Oscar Wilde’s Salome premiered in Paris

1945: 1st Gas turbine aeroplane
The First gas turbine propeller-driven aeroplane flight, tested in CA on February 11 1945.

1978: China unbanned Aristotle and other famous literature authors
China lifts a ban on Aristotle, William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens

1984: Challenger 4 Returned to Earth
10th space shuttle mission (41-B)-Challenger 4-returned to Earth on February 11 1984.

1990: Nelson Mandela released
Nelson Mandela released after 27 years of imprisonment in South Africa

1994: STS-60 Landed
Space Shuttle STS-60 (Discovery 18) landed.

2016: Discovery of gravitational waves in black holes
Physicists from the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory announced that they discovered gravitational waves from the collision of two black holes on February 11 2016.

2020: Snow in Baghdad
It was the second time in a century that snow happened in Baghdad, Iran.

2020: Largest wave to be surfed by a woman
The largest wave to be ever surfed by a woman is by Maya Ganeira riding a 73.5 ft (22.4 m ) wave at Nazare, Portugal on February 11 2020.

Famous Birthdays on February 11

  • Jennifer Aniston, an Actress
  • Nasty C, a Rapper
  • TSMC, a Youtuber Star
  • Khalid, R&B Singer
  • Roseanne Park, KPop Singer
  • Thomas Edison, an Inventor
  • Sophdoeslife, a Youtube Star
  • BlameItOnKWay, a Comedian

These were the most historical events that happened in world history on February 11. Stay tuned to Leverage Edu and follow us on Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Quora, Facebook for more educational content.

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