Clarendon Scholarship

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Clarendon Scholarship

The Clarendon Scholarship is a graduate scholarship program by one of the most prestigious and honored universities in the world, the University of Oxford. The scholarship program offers around 130+ new scholarships annually to eligible students. The scholarships are awarded based on the student’s academic records and excellence along with his or her potential. In this blog, we will discuss how Clarendon Scholarships are offered to students in all graduate courses at the University of Oxford.

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About the Clarendon Scholarship

Originally established to support foreign students, the Clarendon Scholarship began welcoming researchers to Oxford in around 2001. The scholarship program was then extended in 2012 to include students from the UK and the European Union, offering to fund all fees. Throughout this period, the program’s objective remained unchanged; to assist exceptional graduate students through their studies at Oxford UniversityNow, every year, Clarendon provides approximately 130 new scholarships. At any time, there are more than 450 students in class at Oxford making Clarendon the University’s largest scholarship program.

These scholarship awards cover tuition and college fees for eligible and selected applicants. Candidates who will be awarded a scholarship on a full-time course will receive a generous annual living subsidy, which will be about or at least £15,009. Students enrolled in part-time courses will receive a study grant to cover non-teaching costs of about £5,003. Scholarships are normally offered to students enrolled in full-time courses at the University of Oxford.

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The History of the Clarendon Scholarship

The Clarendon Scholarship was named after its close connection with the famous Oxford University Press (OUP). It further came into being in honor of a philanthropic act by the Earl of Clarendon. This scholarship promotes the University of Oxford’s sole objective and passion for excellence in research, scholarship, and education. 

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These scholarships are awarded based on students’ exceptional academic performance, merit, and potential. These scholarships are viable in all areas and are open to applicants who apply for a new Masters’s or MPhil course before the January intake deadline. Besides, the selection criteria can vary slightly according to the discipline and if candidates apply for a teaching or research degree.

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Scholarship Timeline

The timeline for the Clarendon Scholarship is as follows. 

  1. Those students who are enrolled or are applying for a full-time or a part-time Master’s or DPhil program at the University of Oxford (during January intake) will be declared eligible for a Clarendon Scholarship Program.
  2. Candidates must have applied to their respective course in order to be considered for the scholarship program, by the relevant January deadline.
  3. No additional documents like the application forms or any other documents are required or needed to be submitted by the students. 
  4. Their application will be considered by the college or university academics, who will assess all their recent and past academic quality and suitability of their application.
  5. The department will make the final decision. After the decision has been made, they will notify the eligible candidates with a suitable result. 
  6. In parallel, the academics team within different departments will determine who to nominate for the division of the Clarendon scholarship based on the respective selection criteria.
  7. After shortlisting all the eligible candidates, the Clarendon Fund Administrator will contact the chosen candidates of the Clarendon Scholarship Program and will provide them with their scholarship offer letter.
  8. The candidates who are offered the Clarendon scholarship will have their funding secured as long as they meet the conditions of the program to study at Oxford.

Quick facts

Here are a few quick facts which you must know and keep in mind while applying for this particular scholarship. 

  1. Clarendon offers fully-funded scholarships covering course costs, as well as a subsidy for living expenses during the fee obligation period.
  2. Applicants will automatically be considered for the Clarendon Scholarship Program if they apply before the January deadline. 
  3. No restrictions are imposed in respect of nationality, habitual residence or field of study. 
  4. The recipients of this scholarship are selected for their exceptional academic merit and potential. 
  5. Candidates who are enrolled in a full-time or part-time DPhil and Master’s course at the University of Oxford will be made eligible for the Clarendon Scholarship Program.

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Q.1. How do I get a Clarendon Scholarship?

Ans: An outstanding academic record is essential.

Q.2. How much is the Clarendon Scholarship?

Ans: The University of Oxford is offering the Clarendon Scholarship 2023–2024 to overseas students. This award is available for graduate and doctoral study. This scholarship covers the entire tuition fee as well as at least £15,009 a year in living expenses.

Q.3. How many scholarships are there?

Ans: Every year, the Clarendon Fund awards around 140 full scholarships to graduate students from throughout the world who succeed in their academics.

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