What Happened When the Author Moved Abroad to Study for Five Years?

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What happened when the author moved abroad to study for five years? The question is from the story “The Portrait of a Lady” written by Khuswant Singh. In this short story, the author pays tribute to his grandmother with whom he had a bond which undergoes various stages of transition. The author lived with his grandmother when his parents left to live in the city. She took care of him and the relationship they shared was unforgettable. From childhood, she was a tutor to him until he moved abroad to study. 

What happened when the author moved abroad to study for five years
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When the author moved abroad to study for five years his grandmother went to see him at the railway station before he left. She showed no emotion but kissed his forehead silently. The author treasured this moment thinking this was the last sign of physical contact between them.

His entire childhood was around his grandmother. He was completely dependent on his grandmother as she was the most important part of his life. The turning point in their friendship came when they went to the city. She could no longer help him in his studies. But she was always curious about the lessons in school. Though she never believed in the things taught at school. She expresses her disapproval silently for learning music in school and not teaching about God. However, she went to the railway station to bid farewell before he moved abroad to study. 

The remaining bond was gone when he lived in a separate room at university. However, their feelings for each other did not change. When the author returned after five years from abroad, she received him at the very same railway station and happily embraced him in her arms. She was so happy to see her grandson return from abroad that she celebrated by singing songs and beating a drum.

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