10 Struggles Only An Indian Student Studying Abroad Will Understand

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10 Struggles Only An Indian Student Studying Abroad Will Understand

Student abroad life seems like the life of ‘Poo’’ of “Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham” but it turns out to be the life of “Sid” from ‘Wake up Sid’ where you do not find any “kamwali bais” to help you out in cleaning your room and washing your clothes. Here are some of the common struggles of studying abroad where you won’t find your mom to clean up your mess.

Poop Issue

The first time you poop and discover there is no water nearby, you get the shock of your life. SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!

Do Work on Your Own Coz You Cannot Afford to Hire a Helper

You were familiar with different kaamwaali bais for various tasks at home, but when you travel abroad, you are required to perform tasks like cooking and bathroom cleaning. Eeks!

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Being Without Your Vehicle Makes You Feel Handicapped

There is no room for aimless wandering here. You swiftly zipped past the bustling Indian streets, but you instantly miss them.

Cultural Shock

There is always that one thing that we experience for the first time, even though we are all aware of current world trends. At first, it’s challenging to adjust to cultural shock. Aiyoo!

No Jugaad For Fraud

No Parchis system in international colleges. This isn’t India, so you can’t look at the other person’s worksheet. *Wink wink*

Assignment! Assignment! Assignment! 

Assignments turn into the largest challenge of your life, and you quickly come to the realization that perhaps coming here was a mistake after all. You’re not used to having so many tasks to complete. You can’t even imitate your teachers to trick them as you did at home since they would know.

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Buying Groceries

Now, you have to take care of the groceries on your own. No nearby bhaiya to contact who will deliver it to your door.

Your Concern About Your Ability to Keep Up a Fair GPA

Now, fear of maintaining a decent GPA will make you realise that you have made the wrong decision of studying here at many points in your life.

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When You Wake up in the Morning and Discover That It’s a Night at Your Home

You forgot that you are in a different time zone. You have to manage your time accordingly. *Ah, Panic*

Despite How Much You Miss Your Home and Friends, Nothing Can Be Done

You are always torn between staying and leaving everything behind or returning home. Almost always, it’s because a lot of money has been spent that you decide on the latter. 

We know moving away from your family and living alone can look very scary, but one should always know and understand that nothing and nobody ever grows in their comfort zone. When you come back as a more evolved and independent person, your family would be nothing but proud of you. *Mom standing with aarti ki thaali on the door*

Tips to Deal with the Struggles of Studying Abroad

  • It can be really beneficial for you to balance your time. Do not spend all of your time on social interactions. Keep in mind that you perform well in school, especially if you have life ambitions. Creating a to-do list and organising your schedule can be quite beneficial for your academic achievement.
  • To overcome homesickness, take up new hobbies, join new clubs, or embark on new adventures while studying abroad. You can also seek advice from friends, family, and counsellors.
  • Try to become acquainted with the language and customs of the area. Have a translation dictionary made if you don’t speak the native tongue of the host nation well, or load up your smartphone with foreign language apps. Ask for guidance from friends on how to interact with strangers more authentically.

There are some issues that may affect you as a student if you are studying abroad, but you can take steps to address them. To know more about such interesting updates check out Top Challenges Faced While Studying Abroad and How to Overcome Them at Leverage Edu.

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