Master’s Degree in Sports Management in France in 2023

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Master's Degrees in Sports Management in France in 2023

Kylian Mbappé Lottin, the professional football player representing France in the FIFA World Cup 2022 is making headlines worldwide with his performance on the grand stage of football. The man wore his football shoes once again in the match against England, the much-anticipated match for football fans in Europe. France, the place of birth of Mbappé is making its way to slowly be known for its sports courses as well. We are here to expand on that, bringing you the most relevant master’s degree in sports management in France in 2023. Are you a fan of football, with Mbappé being your favourite football player? Well then, read on to know more about the relevance of sports courses in the nation of his origin. 

5 Master’s Programs in Sports Management 

Some of the most prevalent courses of sports management in France are as follows:

MSc in Sports Industry Management | Emlyon Business School

A course with a duration of more than a year, this master’s degree holds classes with teachings related to the sports industry in Europe and abroad. Further, it also involves providing students with the opportunities to work on-hands projects with top professionals in the industry. Through this course, you will acquire all the relevant skills, knowledge and international vision that you need in the sports industry. 

Course Duration  18 months 
Tuition Fee  16,600 EUR (INR 14.5 lakh)/year 
Language of Instruction  English
Next Intake  September 2023
Emylon business school
Source: Emylon Business School

MSc Sports and Tourism Management | Rennes School of Business

With the evolving business environment, this course prepares students to get to know about the varying factors of the industry at an international level and face and handle those challenges with efficiency. The course curriculum is spread over more than a year and provides students with the chance to step into the real world with the knowledge they need and subsequently acquire. 

Course Duration  15 months 
Tuition Fee  18,200 (INR 15.8 lakh) EUR/year
Language of Instruction  English
Next Intake  September 2023
rennes school of business
Source: Rennes School of Business

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Sport – International Sport and Event Management | KEDGE Business School

Originating more than 20 years ago, this program is widely recognized and known throughout the world by industry professionals and consultants. The well-known course is also used as a leading reference in the field of sports, both nationally, and internationally. As a student, you will learn about the global and international relevance of sports as well as event management in the domain. 

Course Duration  1 and a half years 
Tuition Fee  11,000 EUR (9.5 lakh) /year
Language of Instruction  English
Next Intake  September 2023
kedge business school

M2 Sports Leisure and Event Management | Paris-Saclay University

With the combination of events and sports management, arises the study and preparation of managing major sporting events in the world. The same is put into attention in this program at a master’s level at Paris-Saclay University. The program is focused on the dedication of the management of the sport, and international events such as the French Open, Olympic Games, UEFA Football European Championships, FIFA World Cup, Tour de France, etc. 

Course Duration  1-year 
Tuition Fee  11,000 EUR (9.5 lakh) /year
Language of Instruction  English
Next Intake  September 2023
paris saclay university
Source: Wikipedia

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Global Sports Business Master | AMOS Sport Business School

Catering to students who want to receive an in-depth learning experience and knowledge of the industry, this 2-year program is delivered by experts in the sports industry at an international level. The students are therein taken on a journey throughout the world amidst different business environments in Asia, Europe, and North America. Further, the impact of digital transformation of the world on the future of sports is also expanded on in the program. 

Course Duration  2 years 
Tuition Fee  11,260 EUR (INR 10 lakh)/year
Language of Instruction  English
Next Intake  February and September 2023


Is France a good option for a Master’s?

Yes, France is a good option for a Master’s as it is known for its prestigious higher education. 

Is France good for management studies?

Yes, France is good for management studies as management and business education are one of the leading strengths of France’s higher education system.

Are master’s degrees free in France?

No, the master’s degree in France has increased since 2019-2020. For international students, higher tuition fees are at an average rate of €3,770 (INR 3.2 lakh) per year.

Those were some of the master’s degrees in sports management in France! For more information on studying abroad, including the preparation of application documents, etc, you may enlist the assistance of Leverage Edu specialists to assist you with the application process to get into an esteemed university so that you can realise your goals. Call us immediately at 1800 57 2000 for a free 30-minute counselling session.

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