Study abroad: International students study peacefully in New Zealand, thanks to police

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Study abroad: International students study peacefully in New Zealand, thanks to police
The international department of the Southern Institute of Technology with New Zealand Police provided advice to international students on study abroad safety.

After the pandemic and various lockdown restrictions finally, students from all over the world have started coming back to Invercargill. Mr Ballantyne shared some of his practical advice with international students regarding the differences they can face while studying abroad in New Zealand

The primary objective of this step is to reduce the overall barriers for the students. He also stated that the New Zealand police is always there for international students. The overall message he wanted to share with the international students is that they can call the NZ police any time they want. 

He included and covered numerous topics such as the roles of New Zealand police, the different types of policing as well as their functions, AOS, front-line police, detectives, and traffic management. Mr Ballantyne said that this move would boost the confidence of international students. He asked the students to never hesitate to call the police in their dire needs. 

He also discussed different types of road safety options, driver licensing, and family care. International students need to know more about driving licences and permits to get around the country. When students have a booklet regarding road safety and laws, they can take proper precautions before taking any wrong steps. This will also help traffic management officers deal with students from different countries. As many students are in New Zealand for the first time, covering consent and relationships is extremely important. 

They also let the student know more about the social media platforms where they can be safe from cyber harassment and online bullying. This way students can report such incidents to the police without any problem. 

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