Study Abroad: Duke University accepts 800 early applications

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Duke University accepts 800 early applications
Duke university has accepted 800 early applicants, admissions were taken in various fields including arts, science and engineering being popular among students preferring Duke as their first choice.

Duke university accepted 800 early applicants for the class of 2027, out of these 800 students 634 students preferred to opt for the Trinity College of Arts & Science, and 166 preferred Pratt School of Engineering. 

745 students who have been admitted to Duke university and have applied for the early application decision, showing their preference towards Duke university. 55 students were admitted through the QuestBridge National College Match program as they identified as QuestBridge scholars.

This year the university received 4,855 applications, a 20% increase in early decisions applications from last year. This was the second-highest early decision application at Duke University. The admit rate of the new students was 16.5 per cent compared to 21 per cent last year.

North Carolina, New York, California, Texas and Florida are the states most represented in the early application admits. From the total number of early decision admissions, 57.5% of students are females, 52% identify as students of color and 10% student population is from overseas.

The dean of Duke University, Cristoph Guttenberg is pleased as the university matched the record number of QuestBridge applications and students who are community-minded and eager to make a difference, setting high student standards for the future. 

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