International students make a good living in Denmark after graduation

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According to a recent report, the majority of students who study in Denmark remain in the country for years because they can earn a good living there.

Many of the international students at DTU continue to live and work there for many years after they graduate. This is one of the key findings of a recent study that was conducted for DTU. 

The data reveals that 50% of the study abroad aspirants remain in the country six years after graduation, and that only a tiny percentage of them do so thereafter. More than 40% of graduates are still residing in Denmark 13 years after graduation.

The research of 859 international DTU graduates reveals that over the course of 13 years, they each made an average economic contribution of DKK 3.2 million. The average includes both individuals who have remained in Denmark and obtained employment as well as those who have emigrated throughout the time.

According to the survey, from one year to 12 years after graduating, 90% of international DTU graduates who remain in Denmark are employed full-time at any given moment.

The high rate of employment is a fundamental reason why students pick Denmark for their study abroad destination

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