Balamurali Ambati, the World’s Youngest Doctor

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Balamurali Ambati

Dr Balamurali Ambati, known as “Real Life Doogie Howser ” is an American ophthalmologist educator, researcher and director of Ophthalmology & Visual Science at the University of Oregon’s Knight Campus for accelerating scientific impact. He holds 15 years of experience as a cataract, cornea and refractive surgeon. Named World’s Youngest Doctor, Dr Ambati has developed several ophthalmic devices and was named as No. 1 Ophthalmologist in the top 40 under 40 global competition by the Ophthalmologist Magazine. He is a child prodigy and has won several awards and one of them includes the Gold Humanism Award by the University of Utah medical students. He has worked with ORBIS, Sightlife, Sight for the Sightless, Help Mercy International and other humanitarian organizations. Dr Ambati is an inspirational person with a motive to make a difference in people’s lives, he has gained immense respect & admiration for his work in the medical profession!

Balamurali Ambati
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Quick Facts & Figures 

Full NameBalamurali Krishna Ambati
Born July 29, 1977 (Age 43)
Nationality American
Alma MaterHarvard University
Duke University
ProfessionOphthalmologist, Educator, Researcher
Net Worth in 2021$1 Million – $5 Million
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Balamurali Ambati’s Early Life

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Balamurali Ambati was born into a Telugu family, in Vellore, Tamil Nadu in southern India. His mother was a mathematician by profession and well versed in Tamil literature, while his father was a doctor who has taught him to stay focused and achieve success. He was a student who had skills far beyond his level of maturity, as at the age of four, Ambati was doing calculus. At the age of eleven, he did his schooling at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute and co-authored a research book on HIV/AIDS. Also, at the age of thirteen, he did his graduation from New York University and further attended Mount Sinai School of Medicine with distinction at the age of seventeen, scoring above 99 percentile. He became the world’s youngest doctor in the year 1995!

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Ambati’s Ophthalmology Career in the Global Sphere

After his medical education, Balamurali Ambati began to show a great interest in Ophthalmology which led to his enrollment in Harvard University after winning at the Westinghouse Science Talent Research where he developed strategies to reverse corneal angiogenesis. In 2002, he studied cornea and refractive surgery and completed his fellowship at Duke University. Balamurali was awarded many esteemed awards from several International and Indian organizations. Later, he joined as a member of the Medical College of Georgia. While he practised ophthalmology, he also managed to continue to do his research work. He volunteered with Orbis International, a non-profit organization that offered medical services to under-developed countries. It was Ambati’s way of giving back to society in the form of providing medical services, spreading knowledge and introducing techniques and strategies to improve medical health around the globe. Currently, he is a professor and director for corneal research at the University of Utah School of Medicine. 

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Contributions towards the World of Science

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Balamurali’s achievements are par excellence, a genius who has made significant contributions towards medical science. Dr Ambati’s contributions to business innovation and research were recognized during the 2010 Utah Innovation Awards, where his university startup company iVeena, was a finalist in the medical devices category. He was selected for outstanding contributions to the development of medical devices and research. One of the surgical instruments he developed, the Ambati Phaco Tip, will be featured in Cutting Edge: What’s new in Cataract Surgery at the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO). His major contributions can be seen in the Cornea Refractive surgery process. 

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Balamurali Ambati’s Awards & Accolades 

  • He received the prestigious Raja-Lakshmi Award in the year 1995 from Sri Raja-Lakshmi Foundation, Chennai
  • In 1995, he entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s youngest doctor, at the age of 17
  • Dr. Ambati was also nominated as Business Professional of the year for 2010 by the Utah Asian Chamber of Commerce
  • He won a fellowship for Cornea and Refractive Surgery (2002) from Duke University. He also did extremely well at the Westinghouse Science Talent Search and the International Science and Engineering Fair. 
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Balamurali Ambati’s Educational Timeline 

  • 1977: Born on July 29, 1977
  • 1991: He completed his B.A Biology from the New York University
  • 1995: Doctorate in Medicine from Mount Sinai School of Medicine
  • 1997: Internal Medicine Residency from Beth Israel and Medical School
  • 2001: Ophthalmology Residency from Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary
  • 2002: Won a fellowship for Cornea and Refractive Surgery from Duke University
  • 2010: Won the ARVO Award 

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The life and feats of Dr. Balamurali Ambati, the real-life Doogie Howser, is indeed inspiring. We hope this write-up on Balamurali Ambati unfolds interesting and inspiring details on this extraordinary personality’s life and work. A child prodigy, Balamurali Ambati gave back to society in the form of providing medical services, spreading knowledge and introducing techniques and strategies to improve medical health around the globe. Just like Ambati’s passion for Science and Mathematics, are you also looking forward to making your career in the same field? Go ahead and take expert guidance from professionals of Leverage Edu and sign up for the 30 mins of free session today! 

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