From Confusion to Certainty: The Girl Who Found Her Purpose

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Making sense of the world right after one completes their undergraduate can seem like a daunting task. A freshly graduated and inquisitive Kritika Kanda was clueless about the endless possibilities that lay before as she stepped out of college. A second-year student pursuing B. Com Honours from Hansraj College at that time, she first got to know about the Master’s programs from universities abroad through a Leverage Edu seminar held at her college. She was fascinated by this newfound knowledge but like most students didn’t pay much heed to it right away. It was only after she randomly stumbled across a Leverage Edu hoarding at a metro station near her college that she decided to take some concrete actions.

“My call to Leverage Edu instantly convinced me to take their services and I wanted to meet them at their office,” exclaims Kritika who is now ready to pursue a Master’s in Management from WHU, Germany. Her first call convinced her to come to meet us at our office, where an intensive three-hour session was conducted and she was given a brief about the admissions and application process. The session also helped her recognize what direction she wanted to pursue.  It was the applied methodology and expertise offered at the session that convinced Kritika to commence this journey with Leverage Edu.

I didn’t even know the colleges I wanted to apply to when I walked in for my first session.” 

When Kritika first walked through the doors of Leverage Edu, she was uncertain about the colleges she wanted to apply for. She lacked the required knowledge to make an informed decision about something this crucial. “This decision is very important for me, my entire career is based on this one decision.” A rigorous session was conducted where Kritika’s profile was evaluated so that we could gauge her personality type and her psyche. After which numerous brainstorming sessions were conducted to analyze her motivations, intentions, and aspirations. A conducive environment was created so as to formulate a plan of action that would help Kritika realize her potential. With the help of Leverage Edu counselors, she was able to shortlist the top 5 colleges which would be ideal for her skill set and be instrumental in her career trajectory. She was also made aware of the challenges she would face along the way, as well as provided with the appropriate resources to tackle these challenges. 

Applications can seem like unsurmountable mountains to climb, but if one is prepared with personalized, expert gear the climb can become quite smooth.  “The application process is so hectic; you need someone throughout the process. Someone who will attend to your doubts and queries as they arise. One team member from Leverage Edu was always there to give me clarity.” She felt that the team had a dedicated approach to her admission process which helped her in making the best decisions along the way. 

Recognizing the apprehensions students face while planning to study abroad, we helped Kritika get in touch with WHU students so that she could get a better idea of what to expect. Her allotted mentors were WHU alumni, and they helped her with her application process. With the help of the Leverage Edu mentors, she was able to frame university-specific SOPs and scholarship letters.

Kritika candidly recalls, “When I was assigned my mentor for the first time, I wrote my first essay. They reviewed my essay and mentioned it sounded like a child had attempted to write it. It was only after five-six attempts that I got it right. Just last month, I wrote my scholarship essay and the mentor mailed back saying it was near perfect, I’ve noticed a growth in myself. Now with the help of the mentorship provided, I can get the essays right in one go.” Kritika’s success was not limited to just her WHU admission, through her journey we felt that she displayed personal growth as well. She displayed a more pragmatic approach in her decisions and was well-equipped to soar towards her dreams.

Like Kritika Kanda you can also “Leverage it”. Through the entire admission process, she was able to bring out her best self and realize her potential. From a lost girl unaware of the opportunities that were available, we saw Kritika soar towards the sky of limitless potential. Thus, Leverage Edu was successful in helping Kritika tap into her best self and transform her life for the better.

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