Ekta Ohri: A Versatile Woman Bringing Impeccable Change in Society

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Ekta Ohri

Ekta Ohri is an architect, visual critic, and anthropologist with an interest in design and culture. With a revolutionary vision to help kids learn better, she came up with LitJoy, a brand that creates experiential early learning products for children. In this article, we bring to you everything that you need to know about Ekta Ohri and her inspirational story!

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Who is Ekta Ohri?

We’re talking about a woman of multiple talents. You might get exhausted but her list of accomplishments won’t! Ekta Ohri holds impeccable disciplinary abilities and broad professional experience in planning social and business impact solutions worldwide using principles of design thinking. Ohri is especially determined by investigating how standards of design thinking can address difficulties including behavioral change, ranging from instilling a love for reading in young children to enabling usage of toilets and adopting preventive best health and hygiene practices. Her current focus is on the plan of significant worth-making books and experiential learning exercises for youngsters (4-10 yrs). She specializes in innovation strategy, user-centered design, systems design thinking.

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Ekta Ohri completed her Bachelors in Architecture from Sushant School of Art and Architecture in the year 2002. Subsequently, she pursued a Master’s in Visual and Critical Studies from California College of the Arts. In addition to that, she has also acquired a certification from Northwestern University for studying Cultural Anthropology. Ohri is truly an academic gem. Her story is a testament to the importance of education!

Incredible Career 

Ekta Ohri’s professional and career trajectory has been brilliant. In 2009, she started working as Senior Design Researcher at the Center for Knowledge Societies. In 2010. She was promoted as the Head of Project Operations, and later in 2016, as the Senior Director for Innovation.

In 2016, she conceptualized and founded LitJoys, a learning venture that designs experiential learning books and products for children (4-10 yrs). She engages in product development wherein she researched, wrote, created content, and designed 10 experiential learning activities and value-creating books. She also held workshops wherein she curated and conducted author speak interactive workshops in leading schools across India as well as family experiential learning workshops to gain insights into child and parent psychology.

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She engages in business development wherein she built strategic partnerships with schools and kid’s online marketplaces and devised marketing strategies and created content to promote on various social media handles. Further, she worked on website design and technology development and guided end-to-end production and quality check of all products

With more than 6 years of professional experience in addressing social innovation challenges in multiple sectors like healthcare, education, financial services, telecommunications, agriculture, across emerging economies through user-centered and participatory design approaches. Her present focus is on helping start-ups in India evaluate the effectiveness and refine their business ideas based on the needs as well as behaviors of target users.

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#BossWoman – Ekta Ohri

LitJoys is a learning adventure, that plans esteem making storybooks, conduct changing games and creative exercises for youngsters across age gatherings (3-12 yrs). LitJoys books and exercises likewise save kids from present-day “poisonous adolescence”- dependence on screens, plastic toys, and lousy nourishment and support the delight of taking in kids from early on. The learning content is planned such that guardians can likewise discover some new information and experience numerous little snapshots of happiness (LitJoys), learning, and forgetting along with their kids. The books and learning exercises are planned in a straightforward, fun, and the instinctive way that includes moms as well as fathers in their kid’s learning and improves family holding essentially.

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Vision of LitJoys

The purpose or vision behind LitJoys is to upgrade perception to fuel interest and support children to turn out to be sharp scholars and better trend-setters and not simply more astute understudies. It aims to become an interface with nature and gain from genuine encounters, rather than screens. to have an enduring effect. And at last instill propensities and qualities to make kids dependable, sympathetic, better, and more joyful individuals 

 “While these brands draw in kids in exercises situated in science, maths, and designing, LitJoys is tending to nurture and bigger cultural difficulties also” – Ekta Ohri

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Plans for Future

As a narrator, Ekta starts by narrowing down on subject regions that she feels are significant and creates on it through her perception and further exploration on the web. She likewise draws motivation from the youth exercises she gained from her dad also. Experiencing childhood in Delhi, Ekta reviews her dad often visiting Japan and getting back to reveal to her accounts of how the Japanese worth tidiness and are consistently dependable. 

Subsequent to soldiering alone for the initial a long time since leaving her place of employment, Ekta currently has an affectionate group to examine and survey her work. Other than her site, she sells on stages like Amazon and has figured out how to sell around 3,000 units of storybooks, games, and learning action items. 

“Be that as it may, all the more significantly, as I saw the vast majority losing a feeling of time since the Covid-19 flare-up, I was moved to compose the Time Stories, which additionally conveys the message to be content regardless of what the conditions are and to live at the time” – Ekta Ohri in an interview

Notwithstanding, Ekta underscores the endeavor is less worried about hitting deals records on the lookout and needs to develop at its own speed. Regardless of players like Smartivity and Flintobox sharing the market space to get kids off innovation, the business visionary says there is no immediate contest as the methodologies and item offering are altogether unique.

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