Ranjith Ramachandran’s Inspiring Story From Guard to IIM Professor

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Ranjith Ramachandran

The world is full of stories of ordinary personalities who persistently defeated every obstacle in their way to achieving something extraordinary and have greatly inspired many people. These personalities could be anyone you see on the street who might be working multiple jobs to achieve something remarkable. In this blog, we shall go through the story of a young ordinary man-Ranjith Ramachandran, and his exemplary journey from a Night Guard to becoming an  IIM Professor.

28 year old Ranjith Ramachandran’s buzz-worthy story caught people’s attention after his post on Facebook that read  “An IIM professor was born here.” The post had a picture of his hut which was covered with a tarpaulin sheet to avert the seeping rainwater. The post also had details about how he spared no effort to achieve his dream. 

ranjith ramachandran
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The Unfolding of Ranjith Ramachandran’Night Dream into Daylight Reality 

Each day begins with endless possibilities, but Ramachandran’s nights were filled with ambition, hopes, and huge dreams. Coming from his humble home, Ramachandran’s father was a tailor and his mother was an MGNREGS worker. Ramachandran worked as a night watchman at a BSNL telephone exchange at Panathur in Kasaragod and also pursued his Economics degree from a district college- St Pious X College.

“…During the day times, I would study. The doors opened in front of me for the academic career that I thought I had lost once.”

After completing his graduation, Ramachandran got into IIT, Madras. He found it difficult to study as he was only fluent in Malayalam. He got disheartened and even decided to quit the Ph.D. program. His mentor and guide then convinced and persuaded him to be determined about his goal.

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“My guide (Dr. Subash) was convinced that my decision was wrong, and told me to fight before failing and retreating. I felt like I had started losing, I had the stubbornness to win from that day.”

Ramachandran then firmly decided not to let small obstacles hinder his actual objective. He went on and became an Assistant Professor at Christ University, Bengaluru. However, his goal was deeper than the surface. Ramachandran was passionate about his dream as an assistant professor at IIM. Even in the face of all the financial constraints, he kept struggling and achieved his deserving position as a faculty at IIM (sic).

“From the moment he felt he was defeated, he turned his life and achieved success and it’s an inspiration to everyone. We have before us the life stories of great personalities, including K R Narayanan, who attained success with extraordinary willpower and became the first citizen of the country. The lives of people like [Mr] Ranjith, who refuse to get discouraged due to various crises and use education as a weapon to overcome social and economic backwardness, are an inspiration to all.”

T M Thomas Isaac who is the Finance Minister of Kerala shared Ranjith Ramachandran’s post and acclaimed his perseverance. 

On being asked about his fascinating post, Ramachandran said,

“I never thought the post would go viral. I posted my life story, hoping that it would inspire a few others. I want everyone to dream good and fight for their dreams. I want other people to get inspired from this and find success.”

The influential lives like Ranjit Ramachandran’s and many others like him teach us more than just being determined. They help us understand the value of the things we take for granted. Ramachandran had seen poverty and yet achieved his goal. Our dreams and ambitions are just one effort away. 

“Dream up to the skies, one day those dreams will take wings and take you to victory.”
– Ranjit Ramachandran 

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  1. I think this post proved that your are my best friend
    Only this post proved that any body is not equal you and your level

  1. I think this post proved that your are my best friend
    Only this post proved that any body is not equal you and your level