10 avoidable college student mistakes that can set you back

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Avoidable college student mistakes that can set you back (1)

College days are one of the most important phases of every student’s life which comes generally after 12 years of schooling. From personal and professional perspectives these important college years shape our personality 360 degrees. The vibrant, friendly and cool environment brings changes in every student’s life after the end of monotonous school days. Even though academic activities and non-academic events are true factors behind any student’s growth and development, it has also been observed that many students derailed themselves from their actual goals and got trapped in the glitter of this fancy materialist campus environment. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss 10 avoidable college student mistakes that can set you back.

  1. Part of Non-Ambitious Friend Circle

Becoming part of a non-ambitious all-time chill friends circle is the major mistake student does when entering a college campus and getting influenced by the materialist and glittery environment. Some handful of students only keeps themselves out of it later after realization of its long-term worst impact on their studies while most of them fell into its trap and spoil their precious learning experiences.

  1. Alcohol and Drug is the New Cool – NO!

Alcohol and drugs usages are the single biggest factor behind the life and career spoilage of the youth, especially first-year college students. Under the umbrella of a cool and modern lifestyle, they come under the influence of fellow friends and seniors and become addicted. It should be taken as the first priority by us all to spread awareness related to the life-costing effects of this addiction.

  1. Concept Memorization without Understanding 

Concept memorization without understanding the exact meaning of it is the biggest issue each student should avoid. It not only always downgrades the academic performance in the examinations and viva interviews but even lowers our confidence which results in distancing us from our studies. The basic cause of this problem is exploring the syllabus, books and notes only during exam times.

  1. Less Attendance More Trips

Procrastination is the main cause which leads to poor priority management. A carefree and liberated college campus environment after the strict and monotonous years of schooling attracts most of the students to explore the outer world with a group of friends even at the cost of classes. Frequent trips and weekday class bunks should be strictly avoided.

  1. Uncontrollable  Expenses

Poor financial management, unjust commitments and showing off behaviour among fellow mates lead to uncontrollable expenses and a debt trap for most college students. This is a mistake that is easy to commit but easily avoidable as well. A freshman or even senior college student must be serious about their monthly budgeting to avoid any last-time financial crunch. Controllable or limited expenses with proper sound budgeting not only make us feel good but also prepare us of dealing with any kind of emergency need.

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  1. Not interested in Mentorship

Not being interested in mentorship from seniors, faculty and others delay the growth and development. College students should not ignore the importance of mentorship and its impact on their personal and professional life events. Students should always be open to feedback, guidance and mentorship from the seniors and faculty. 

  1. Not Open for New Skill Development

College students should always be open to learning new skills which include both technical and soft skills. College years are the best time to invest in oneself for better returns in future. Students should develop reading habits and read the stuff outside of their syllabus too. Being curious and hungry for knowledge and skills during academic years always worth it.

  1. Poor Time Management

Procrastination is one of the common issues each student needs to work on. It leads to poor time management and lowers confidence and also hampers productivity and results. Students should always respect the time and its importance. They should try to delay the gratifications and realise the impact of time management in the academic sphere and in their personal life. Time management is an art we all should learn especially during our school/ college days.

9. Ignore Family and Faculty Feedback

Once entering college, students start avoiding valuable advice from their parents and faculty.   They keep on focusing on fellow students’ words only. Blind faith in the immature and non-experienced suggestions of fellow classmates sometimes causes blunders which we should always avoid.

10. No Future Career Plan

A careless attitude and ignorant mindset toward personal and professional life events result in not having any idea about the future no career plan. It is a major issue a lot of students in college deal with. It should be avoided and students should outreach to their seniors, family and faculty to get the right guidance. 

Fun, entertainment and relaxation are too important for long time sustainability as well as productivity but we should never ever prioritise it on the cost of career, life and health commitments. There is a need to maintain a balance between both career and fun. College years are the most precious phase of every student’s life which can be utilised in a better way.

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