Argentina vs France: Key Football Skills to Look Out For

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Argentina vs France Key Football Skills to Look Out For

It’s the moment every football fan and player in the world waited for. A single match that will forever be recorded in football history and curated as another milestone in the pages of the football industry. What are we talking about? The FIFA World Cup 2022 final match, between the football teams of Argentina and France. We have talked about football in the respective countries in our preceding blogs, in the form of Universities in Rosario, Argentina: Birthplace of Lionel Messi; and Master’s Degrees in Sports Management in France in 2023. Now, as a fan of football, what are the major key points of football that you can be on the lookout for? Reading the list we have compiled below, post Argentina vs France, shall not just provide you with an idea of the key football skills to look out for, but also allow you to prepare them in case you plan to pursue the game as a professional career. Some of the major categories that encapsulate the key football skills are mentioned below.

Game Intelligence

Are you aware of the fact that football is not just a game of physical strength but of mental awareness as well? It, in fact, makes one of the core skills of football that one should be on the lookout for. The ability of a football player to make a smart and quick decision and execute it efficiently on the ground is what’s helpful to measure the level of game intelligence in them. 

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Some of the key subpoints that come under the skill of acquiring game intelligence are: 

Spatial Awareness

The ground on which the game of football is played is sure spacious, comprising of a circumference and area that must be understood by the player to utilise it to their advantage. To be able to envision the game and come up with ways of turning the space into your local playground is what enhances the player to use their skill of spatial awareness. Here, the mathematical intelligence of the football player is of utmost importance, for the geometry of the pitch allows them to create passing opportunities and strategies for the game. 

Risk Assessment

It is essential for the football player to assess the risks of the game and understand the fact that careless aggressive strategies could lead to the loss of the game itself. Moreover, aggressive decisions made on impulse could lead to a waste of energy for the footballer with the eventual decline of their ability to perform in the game.  

Tactical Knowledge

Preparing for, and grasping, the nature and structure of the game is another skill that contributes to the game plan of both teams. It helps them devise the right time to attack and/or defend. The role of the coach is the most essential here since they are responsible to utilise their tactical knowledge and direct the players to execute the same on the field. 

Game Technique 

Now that we have talked about the aspect of game intelligence in acing the game of football, it’s now the turn of game technique to shine; for technique is what’s required when it comes to executing the intelligent strategies that one comes up with. 

Dribbling Skills

How well can a football player run up and down the pitch, with the ball at their feet within their full control? It depends on the level of dribbling skills the football player is savvy with. To succeed in the game of football, one must make sure to dribble their way through different directions with different levels of speed with both feet.

Body Control

Even dribbling skills can truly be effective on the pitch once you have the body control to carry the skill in the first place. Optimising balance and coordination are the foremost factors that come into play when practising to perfect body control. 

Passing Accuracy 

This is in sync with the subcategory of spatial awareness of the ‘game intelligence’ skill of the player. As and when the player is rightfully able to determine the angle of the field and the positions of their team members, are they able to pass the ball accurately in their direction? It’s important to note that deciding on the level of speed, weight, and power while passing the ball across also determines the result of the game. 

Physical and Mental Strength 

Being able to endure the long sessions of training, and being able to be in active form throughout the 90 minutes of the game is just as important as having the right mindset while being present in the game. Other than that, key skills like balance, speed, self-motivation, compassion, and power also come under the physical and mental strength of the football player while playing the game of football. 


What are the 4 main skills you need to become a footballer?

Strength, acceleration, intelligence, and mental strength are some of the main skills to become a footballer. 

What are the 3 fundamentals of football?

Understanding the formation, the positions, and the team make up some of the fundamentals of football. 

What are the 3 Ps in football?

The 3 P’s in football stands for Preparation, Prevention, and Protection.

Those were some of the key football skills to look out for in football, and specifically in the match Argentina vs France! For more such interesting and relevant articles, stay tuned to Wings by Leverage Edu

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