How to Prepare for Off Campus Placements?

Off Campus Placement

The thought of taking the next big step towards making a fruitful career, build curiosity when you are just on the verge of being a graduate. At this moment, you start registering yourself for the campus placements so that you don’t have to waste your time and energy looking out for potential recruiters. But do you know off campus placements can open the doors to some of the most lucrative careers and also get the job you have always aimed for? Do not worry, it’s never too late. Let us understand how to prepare for placements and especially off-campus.

Is it a Good Idea?

The time for campus placements is closing fast, and if you haven’t got a job yet, start preparing for job or off-campus placements. Though they demand the utilization of time, efforts and money to a great extent, students opting for the off campus placements are benefitted in the following different ways:

  • Massive Exposure: While you are on a job searching zone, greater are the chances of you getting more exposure to the companies, different job profiles, salary trends, etc. than any of your counterparts relying only on the campus placements. You tend to research more about the industries and growth after choosing that particular career option.
  • Career Opportunities: Off campus placements open the door to tons of career opportunities for freshers in different organizations, government or private industries. Whereas, the ones who rely just on the campus or field placements, may restrict themselves to limited opportunities.
  • Sense of Achievement: After you secure an off campus placement that have always been dreaming of through your dedicated efforts, you will have a sense of achievement. The feeling is surreal and you may have greater chances of growing in your career field.  

How to Prepare for Off Campus Placement?

It’s time to start your job preparation and for off campus placements and you can follow the below tips on how to go about it –

  • Prepare an Impeccable Resume: The first thing you should do even before you start searching for jobs is to prepare an exceptional resume that reflects you and your skills. Preparing a resume for freshers looking for the first job is not that tough when you know how to frame it in your favour.
  • Research, Research and Research: Scrolling Facebook and Instagram the whole day won’t do any good to you, instead, utilize your free time researching the companies and contemplate all the vacancies available with them. This way you can know about several job openings and different specializations you had no idea about.
  • Take Aptitude Tests: Practicing different online aptitude test is one of the key aspects when you are preparing to ace off campus placements as most of the companies are likely to judge the candidate’s basic logical and reasoning aptitude.
  • Prepare for Personal Interview and Group Discussion: While settling for a personal interview, brush up all the basics of your specialization field and keep an eye on all the current affairs and topics of general awareness as this is most likely to be the matter of debate for the group discussion rounds. Attend mock interviews and research on various HR interview questions and tips and trick on how to crack an interview.
  • Maintain a Network: Stay in touch with your friends and acquaintances to expand the horizon of career opportunities for you. Networking helps you stay updated about the various job openings and you might be referred to some of the relevant jobs in big organizations. 

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Though the campus placement drives entice a lot of aspiring students so that they do not have to make extra efforts, still a lot of s always opt for the off campus placements. If you are a fresher looking for first job and need assistance, reach out to us at Leverage Edu. We can help you find the right field in accordance with your interests and talents. Also, we prepare a job-winning resume for you! Book your 30 minutes free counselling session now!

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