Off-Campus Placements

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Off Campus Placement

The most crucial part of every college experience is the placement that you gain through it. But many-a-times, the recruitment companies that come to colleges are either too competitive or do not offer jobs that fit your skills. Here, off campus placements come to place as they can help you get a job that you really need and have an option to negotiate a better deal for yourself. Off-campus placements can open the doors to some of the most lucrative careers and also get the job you have always aimed for. Let us understand how to prepare for placements and especially off-campus.

Why Off-Campus Placement?

The time for campus placements is closing fast, and if you haven’t got a job yet, start preparing for job or off-campus placements. Though they demand the utilization of time, efforts and money to a great extent, students opting for the off campus placements are benefitted in the following different ways:

  • Massive Exposure: While you are on a job searching zone, greater are the chances of you getting more exposure to the companies, different job profiles, salary trends, etc. than any of your counterparts relying only on the campus placements. You tend to research more about the industries and growth after choosing that particular career option.
  • Career Opportunities: Off campus placements open the door to tons of career opportunities for freshers in different organizations, government or private industries. Whereas, the ones who rely just on the campus or field placements, may restrict themselves to limited opportunities.
  • Sense of Achievement: After you secure an off campus placement that have always been dreaming of through your dedicated efforts, you will have a sense of achievement. The feeling is surreal and you may have greater chances of growing in your career field.  

How to Prepare for Off Campus Placement?

It’s time to start your job preparation and for off campus placements and you can follow the below tips on how to go about it –

  • Prepare an Impeccable Resume: The first thing you should do even before you start searching for jobs is to prepare an exceptional resume that reflects you and your skills. Preparing a resume for freshers looking for the first job is not that tough when you know how to frame it in your favour.
  • Research, Research and Research: Scrolling Facebook and Instagram the whole day won’t do any good to you, instead, utilize your free time researching the companies and contemplate all the vacancies available with them. This way you can know about several job openings and different specializations you had no idea about.
  • Take Aptitude Tests: Practicing different online aptitude test is one of the key aspects when you are preparing to ace off campus placements as most of the companies are likely to judge the candidate’s basic logical and reasoning aptitude.
  • Prepare for Personal Interview and Group Discussion: While settling for a personal interview, brush up all the basics of your specialization field and keep an eye on all the current affairs and topics of general awareness as this is most likely to be the matter of debate for the group discussion rounds. Attend mock interviews and research on various HR interview questions and tips and trick on how to crack an interview.
  • Maintain a Network: Stay in touch with your friends and acquaintances to expand the horizon of career opportunities for you. Networking helps you stay updated about the various job openings and you might be referred to some of the relevant jobs in big organizations. 

How to Apply for Off-Campus Placements?

There are 4 major ways through which you can apply for an off-campus placement in jobs or internships opportunity at your organization: 

  • Careers Page: Looking out for job openings every company page has their career page linked in it. Keep yourself updated and apply for a suitable job. Open the website page where you want to apply, scroll down to the last of the webpage and you will find options as “Careers” or “Jobs”. Click on it and start looking out. Link to the career pages of top recruiting companies –
  • Job Referrals: Referral is a great option while you apply to any company for the interview process. Many companies with the help of referrals just start with interviewing candidates without any prior tests. The process is as follows: 
    • First, reach out to the referrer of the company. 
    • Then referrer would share your profile with the recruiter. 
    • The recruiter would connect with you in case if he or she likes your resume and would further appoint you a time for the interview.
  • Hiring Challenges: Take up a challenge and score a good rank if you want to get placed faster. Formats of hiring challenges are like: 
    • DSA coding questions, DSA coding questions along with MCQs on CS concepts, development challenges. Most companies host hiring challenges on platforms like HackerRank, HackerEarth, TechGig, etc. 
  • Reach out to the Recruiter: It’s better to have a conversation or keeping in touch with the recruiter of the associated company for your job placement. 
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Fresher Employability Tests 2021

Job assessment tests are the ones that secure your careers. Almost every company is hiring through 3rd party recruiter or either employability tests. List down is a list of 5 top fresher exams with a piece of detailed information: 

AMCAT 2021

AMCAT 2021 stands for Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Tests. It is a test for entry-level freshers. It has a number of off-campus drives and interviews. AMCAT also provides the scorecard on the basis of the candidate’s performance in the test. 

Apply to the official website – myamcat.com
Fees: INR 800 – INR 900/-
Score Card Validity – 3 years


ELITMUS 2021 is also a good option if you want to place yourself in reputed IT companies. Most companies like Accenture, MAC, McAfree, IBM, Adobe are giving preferences to this exam. 

Apply to the official website – www.elitmus.com
Fees: INR 920/-
Score Validity – 2 years

CEAT 2021

CEAT 2021 assesses the candidates on the basis of Aptitude, Technical Skills, and communication skills. It is conducted through freshersorld.com

Apply to the official website – www.freshersorld.com
Fees: INR 599/-
Score Validity – 1 year

Nac-Tech 2021

NAC-TECH is an industry-standard assessment and certification program. The test is best suitable for the students who wish to pursue their careers in the IT & Engineering Industry.

Apply to the official website – nactech.nasscom.in
Fees: INR 250 student + Rs 70 (Centres fees)
Score Validity: 1 year

Co-Cubes 2021

It is India’s largest assessment test after Elitmus and Amcat. The test is taken by more than 1 million students worldwide. They have associated with more than 450 corporate across freshers and 2600 colleges approx. 

Apply to the official website – www.Cocubes.com
Fees: INR 1500/-
Score Validity – 1 year

Off-Campus Placements: Latest Drives 2021

Read on for the top 5 companies to apply during off-campus placements 

CompanyQualification (Freshers)LocationApply Link
Paytm Btech, BE, BCom, MCA, ME, Mtech, etc.
(Graduates & Post-Graduates)
Across IndiaClick here
CapgeminiSame as above (Graduates & Post-Graduates)Across IndiaClick here
AccentureSame as above (Graduates)Across IndiaClick here
WiproBtech or BEAcross IndiaClick here
EricssonBtech, BE, BCom, MCA, ME, Mtech, etc.
(Graduates & Post-Graduates)
Across IndiaClick here

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Though the campus placement drives entice a lot of aspiring students so that they do not have to make extra efforts, still a lot of s always opt for the off campus placements. If you are a fresher looking for first job and need assistance, reach out to us at Leverage Edu. We can help you find the right field in accordance with your interests and talents. Also, we prepare a job-winning resume for you! Book your 30 minutes free counselling session now!

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  1. Your information is very useful. Thank you. I learned a lot from it and all my doubts have been cleared. I would like to thank you once again.

  1. Your information is very useful. Thank you. I learned a lot from it and all my doubts have been cleared. I would like to thank you once again.