Average GMAT Score for Top-B Schools in US

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If you’re a Business School applicant and are wondering “what are top MBA schools or what are my chances at top MBA programs?” There is a long list of measures used by all publications to rank MBA programs – average undergrad GPA, academic reputation among other schools, acceptance rate, average starting package after the program and many more. In fact, higher the ranking, tougher the criteria to enter the school. This trend can be more visible by the importance of average GMAT score required than any other parameter in the overall MBA application assessment. Admissions team will generally quote that they have no specific cut offs or minimum eligibility score criteria and they look at the overall application which is true also to some extent. However, if applicant is not even close to school’s average GMAT score, then chances of getting in may be lower than other applicants.

Thus, next question will be “what is a good GMAT score to increase my chances into a top B school”- simple answer to this question is- A “Good GMAT Score” is a score that makes you stand confident at competition with rest of the applicants at that school. Hit the web and find out what score will do the same for you. Most schools list both average score and middle 80% score (i.e. score at which 80% of incoming class admitted).

Here are the 20 American business schools with their average GMAT scores as quoted by usnews.com:

S.No. Business School       Average        GMAT score
1 Harvard Business School                729
2 Wharton Business School                730
3 Chicago Booth                726
4 Stanford Graduate School of Business                737
5 MIT Sloan                724
6 Kellogg                728
7 Berkeley Haas                717
8 Dartmouth Tuck                717
9 Yale SOM                725
10 Columbia Business School                720
11 Michigan Ross                708
12 Duke Fuqua                695
13 NYU Stern                710
14 UVA Darden                712
15 UCLA                715
16 Cornell Johnson                700
17 Mc Combs UT Austin                699
18 CMU Tepper                700
19 UNC kenan Flagler                700
20 Emory Goizueta                686

And the next question in your mind will be “So if I get 750+, I’ll be right into B -schools” Answer is a big ‘NO’. Business schools won’t admit you only on the basis of GMAT score. Infact, GMAT score is more of a threshold and other parts of application are equally important such as your work history, your recommendation letter, your essays, your statement of purpose…., in short your entire story. A perfect GMAT score without terrific essays and recommendations is ineffective. Many top scorers are rejected by top schools, as they are not only looking for GMAT scores: MBA programs are concerned about profiles, experiences, and in people who can bring value to their programme.


Work history cannot be changed substantially, GPA is fixed already and your history is what it is, long story short it’s only GMAT score which can be worked upon. Of course you can’t bomb the test but with strong determination and hard work, one can boost the GMAT score and make the application process much smoother. Eventually, GMAT is one of the key elements which enhances an MBA application and makes it striking to an admissions team.

Finally, to all the MBA aspirants out there, you must start with GMAT as step one, apply right strategies and use your time and effort and perform well on your test and smoothly move over to other aspects of application process.


– Team Leverage

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