Why Cry When You Can Soar High Achieve a 700+ on GMAT!

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There is no doubt that if you can break a barrier of 700+ score on your GMAT, this will provide a great boost on your application to top business schools. In addition, the rising number of applicants makes the admission committee more selective towards the applications with higher GMAT scores. Although your score is not the only factor in application process, it can give you edge over others.

At the same time it is very important to have realistic goals. Lot of people set their target GMAT score without knowing the challenges they may have to face in the entire process. Without discouraging any aspirant, let’s make this very clear that 98th percentile or above on GMAT is for extremely motivated pool of test takers.


  1. You must brush up all the basic concepts of Maths and English.
  2. Understand the fundamental skills before you start practicing the questions.
  3. Keep your focus on Official Guide questions to understand the pattern and styles that are tested on GMAT. This develops strong foundation for your preparation.
  4. Attempt as many official problems as you can which are provided on various authentic GMAT websites.
  5. Try to spend your time on most tested concepts rather than mastering each topic in depth as GMAT is more about logic than checking your calculus / vocabulary knowledge.
  6. Practice advanced level questions on each topic.
  7. When your accuracy goes higher on sectional tests and advanced questions, start with Full length tests.
  8. Understand how Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) works and assess your score.
  9. Keep in mind that not all questions need to be correct to get a good GMAT score, so use process of elimination and logical guess wherever required.
  10. Be confident that there is no fixed formula or set plan to achieve a 700+but only your hard work and determination that helps you stay focused.
  11. Make sure you give all the official Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) full length tests.



  1. Study consistently throughout the entire GMAT journey
  2. Don’t ignore Integrated Reasoning (IR) entirely, even if you are short on studying hours. A 760 on GMAT paired with a two on the IR section can put a red flag to your profile.
  3. Spend more time on reviewing the last test you gave rather than jumping to the next full length test.
  4. Keep a close track of your progress and time management.
  5. Focus on your weaknesses and keep a record of your mistakes
  6. Don’t practice only hard questions
  7. Take all the breaks on GMAT test day to lower down any nervousness you have about your performance on last section and to focus on next section


Good Luck!!

Chinu Vasudeva

Head, Academics

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