Indian students may not be required to give interview for US Visa

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Certain visa applicants, including students and workers, are no longer required to appear in person for interviews with the United States.

Indian students, who make up approximately 20% of all overseas students in the US, are qualified for the waiver as students (F, M, and academic J visas), workers (H-1, H-2, H-3, and individual L visas), and individuals with exceptional talent (O, P, and Q visas). Additionally, in order to qualify for the expanded interview waiver program, applicants for these visa classes must have already received a US visa in any category, never have had a US visa denied to them, and have no indications of possible visa ineligibility or past visa ineligibility.

Name of the City Average Processing time for US Visa {Student Visa (F, M, J)}
Kolkata 10 Days
New Delhi 43 Days
Chennai (Madras) 42 Days
Hyderabad 14 Days
Mumbai 42 Days

With this action, the backlog of visa requests will be cleared up and the workforce shortfall will be addressed. By the summer of 2023, it’s anticipated that the volume of visa applications will be back to pre-pandemic levels. Since Indian students are the most significant international group in the US, the action will benefit many of them. 82,000 Indians were granted student visas to the US in 2022. According to a representative of the US Embassy, the wait time has already been cut from 450 days to roughly nine months. India is third in terms of the overall number of US visas issued annually. Mexico and China are in the top two positions on the list. However, In terms of the number of US visas, India is anticipated to overtake China and climb up to the second rank.

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