Canada marks a record-breaking year by reducing pandemic backlogs by half a million in 4 months

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Canada marks a record-breaking year for processing immigration applications
Canada witnessed a record-breaking year in terms of processing immigration applications, reducing pandemic backlogs by half a million in 4 months as IRCC adopted various measures to improve application processing.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has adopted various measures to strengthen Canada’s immigration system as it sustains the country’s economy and communities. The country provided better processing services including reducing wait time and updating services for better functioning.

Sean Fraser, Minister of IRCC has highlighted the improvements in the processing services as follows:

Setting the record for processing, IRCC digitized applications, trained new employees and adapted new technologies to strengthen the immigration system. Reducing the IRCC inventory by half a million in August 2022, the department processed 4.8 million in November this year compared to 2.5 million in November 2021.

Providing more temporary residency to visitors, students and workers in Canada. New study permits are now being processed within 60 days as a result Canada processed over 670,000 study permits by 30 November this year compared to 500,000 last year. Similarly, for work permits, the country processed 700,000 work permits this year compared to 223,000 last year.

Canada also improved processing for permanent residence permits and citizenship by providing better services. The country highly improved the immigration system by adopting various strategies to invite more people to the country to resolve the labour shortages in various industries in Canada. 

The country is continuing to work hard on improving the processing services further to build a stronger immigration system to invite more newcomers to Canada.

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