International students enrolling full-time in Atlantic Canada increased by 15.5%

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International students enrolling full-time in Atlantic Canada increased by 15.5%
According to preliminary data from the Association of Atlantic Universities, the number of full-time international students enrolled in colleges across Atlantic Canada has increased to 21,812.

In the 2022–23 Preliminary Survey of Enrolments conducted by a group representing 16 universities in the area, the number of full-time visa students surged by about 3,000 in the most recent academic year. Additionally, Massive international student recruiting is contributing “substantially” to rising total enrollment, according to AAU. According to Higher Education Strategy Associates, international registration is up 15.5%, but domestic enrollment is down 2.6%.

Preliminary survey

Source: Association of Atlantic Universities

AAU emphasized that these Atlantic Canadian campuses are friendly, secure, and safe on a global, national, and regional scale, demonstrated by the steady increase in enrollments.

The University of Prince Edward Island, Memorial University of Newfoundland, the four schools in New Brunswick, and the ten universities in Nova Scotia all witnessed an increase in visa students, while Cape Breton University saw the biggest jump, at 67.6%. At the Canadian university in Sydney, there are now 3,592 visa students, an increase of 1,594 from last year.

In consideration of some of the past challenges Atlantic Canada faced in attracting immigrants, this expansion has shown potential for change, and the internationalization of universities will be absolutely crucial to the future of the region.

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