This is How a 9 Year Old Became a Pandemic Publisher!

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Story of Nitya Baldava

The pandemic has almost broken all of us in some way or the other, but it is Nitya’s poetry that gave hope to many. 9-year-old small wonder girl, Nitya Baldava, has amazed the world with her work. Read on and find out the story of Nitya Baldava and how she managed to publish 2 books in the pandemic!

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Author of 2 Published Books at the Age of 9!

The success story of Nitya Baldava started back when she was in class III, and lost one of her homework sheets and wanted a way to calm her father. However, she knew there was only one way to keep her father’s wrath at bay. “My father, Dr Pavan Baldava, likes poetry and has written a few poems himself which I have been privy to. I was an avid consumer of prose, until the day I lost that sheet. I realised that the best way to appease my father would be to write him a poem and that’s when I wrote my first one“, says little Nitya.

But her idea actually worked! Not only was she able to convince her father but impressed everyone with her amazing and fabulous work! Today, Nitya Baldava is the author of two published books, Stay at Home (June 2020) and Spirit in you (September 2020). 

The Spirit In You
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STAY AT HOME: A Collection of poems eBook: Baldava, Nitya:  Kindle Store

Opening Her YouTube Channel and Much More!

But she didn’t stop there. Poetry and Nitya are like soulmates! Nitya’s family has a well-known background in poetry so, with the help of her parents, Nitya started her own YouTube channel and her own Instagram account as @poetsaytin in the month of June 2020. The youngster says, “You see, the pandemic left me with a lot of spare time on my hands,”. One of the most precious moments that were to be seen in her channel was when her great maternal grandfather joined her and recited her poetry and the little one introduced the 80-year old with great pride having lovingly looks on. “He is an admirer of poetry and was more than happy to oblige,” adds the little bundle of happiness.

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The story of Nitya Baldava is a special one as she embraces herself as a confident child and feels no shy when it comes to the camera. Although, she takes her parents’ help when it comes to the camera positioning. She nails the process afterwards! She even got recognition from her school and won the inter-school oratory competition- oak orator, the poetry category. 

Nitya’s Love For Poetry and English

The little child has tried her hand on everything, be it Haiku, Sonnets and free verse and gives credit to her school every time. She conveys her gratitude to her school for introducing her to metaphors, similes, alliterations, figures of speech and other things in English literature. “To be honest, it started with forced rhyming, but now I feel that it’s flowing much more naturally,” says Nitya. 

The one young once came across with the phrase, ‘everything will be all right in the end’ in one of the books she was reading, She compared it to the lovely night rains. Hyderabad was graced with two weeks ago, as well as the pandemic. “It’s essentially fictitious poetry in which I gaze out my window and see that every drop, no matter which path it takes, eventually falls to the ground. In another poem, I personified a mask and pushed everyone to wear masks no matter what, even if they were posing for photographs “The nine-year-old explains. Despite the fact that she is a child, her art is mature.

Nitya has no doubt in accepting the fact that English is her favourite subject. She even likes reading, especially books by Ruskin Bond, Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton. 

Exploring Her Art of Poetry

The story of Nitya Baldava would be incomplete without revealing the gems that she has written at such a young age. Here are two of Nitya Baldava’s famous poetry that she has written:

Happily Ever After

Happily ever after

One that never comes

Neither with the simplest theories

Nor with the hardest sums

Why can’t it be all smooth butter?

Spread with no bumps and dents

Where do they go, days of billion dollars?

How do they come, them of a few cents?

To My Favourite Blue

Thatched roof

Bamboo panes

Traditional dish

Animal lanes

Familiar smell

Of my Ma’s food

Comfort and shade

Of my garden’s wood

Books to read

Notebooks too

Home I came

To my favourite blue

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