UK transnational education enrollment increased by 12.7%

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UK transnational education enrollment increased by 12.7%
According to a British Council and Universities UK International report, 510,835 students from 228 nations and territories studied through UK TNE during the academic year 2020–2021.

The UK TNE numbers had increased across all regions at an overall higher growth rate than ever before, according to researchers, who observed a 12.7% increase from the previous year. 

UK transnational education enrollment increased by 12.7%
Source – UUKi/British Council

12.0% of UK TNE students were from China, which was followed by Malaysia (9.5%), Sri Lanka (7.3%), Singapore (5.5%), and Egypt (4.7%) as the leading host countries.

Students enrolled in distance, flexible, or distributed learning grew by 29.1% to 34,070, while those at international partner organizations increased by 8.1% to 8,680 students.

While the number of students at international campuses increased significantly by 40.4%, the lower starting rate meant that the growth was equivalent to 10,355 additional students, and “other arrangements,” which saw an increase of 1,140 (+22.1%) the year before, saw a decrease of 18.4% (1,420 additional students).

The high demand for UK TNE across the globe as transnational education promotes cultural interaction and variety for students and faculty and dramatically boosts the UK’s economy. Additionally, new data revealed that more students worldwide are making use of UK transnational education options due to collaborative provision, distance, flexible, distributed learning, and studies abroad partner organizations.

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