This Day in History – April 13

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April 13

Are you a history enthusiast? Do you enjoy reading about history and finding out what events from the past might have occurred on a specific day? If yes, then you are at the right place! In this blog, we bring to you all the fascinating events from India and the world that occurred on April 13.

What Events Happened in India on April 13

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1699- Formation of Khalsa Panth
On this day Guru Gobind formed the Khalsa Panth. To commemorate this day, Baisakhi is celebrated every year.

1796 – The first elephant in America
On this day, the first-ever elephant in America was brought to New York for Calcutta.

1919 – Jallianwala Bagh Massacre
A troop led by general Brigadier Smith the British Army troops killed approximately 1000 unarmed demonstrators on April 13 1919.

1939 – Indian Red Army
This day is remembered for the formation of the ‘Lal Sena’ or the Indian Red Army.

Historical Events That Happened Around the World on April 13

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1204 – End of Byzantine Empire
After the fall of Constantinople to the fourth crusade, Byzantine Empire ended temporarily.

1668 – Appointment of Lord Dryden
Charles II appointed Lord Dryden as the first English poet laureate.

1869 – Patent of Steam power break
Entrepreneur and engineer was patented with the steam power break on April 13 1869.

1870 – Metropolitan Museum of Art
On this day, the Metropolitan Museum of Art was founded in New York City.

1941 – Pact of neutrality
A pact of Neutrality was signed between the USSR and Japan.

1953 – Mind control Program
CIA director Allen Dulles launched project MKUltra, a mind control program in April 13 1953.

1954 – Robert Oppenheimer
German physicist and father of the atomic bomb was accused of being a communist.

1986 – Meeting of the Pope and Rabbi
Pope John Paul II and Rabbi Elio Taoff met at Rome Synagogue which is considered an iconic event on April 13 1986.

1997- Tiger Woods
On this day, Tiger Woods became the youngest golfer to win the Masters tournament.

List of Important Birthdays

  • 1743 – Thomas Jefferson
    3rd president of the US  Thomas Jefferson was born on this day.
  • 1890 – Dadasaheb Tome
    Indian director and producer, Dadasaheb Tome was born on this day.
  • 1906 – Samuel Beckett
    Irish novelist and playwright, renowned for ‘Waiting for Godot’ was born on April 13 1906.
  • 1949 – Christopher Hitchens
    English author and columnist Cristopher Hitchens was born on this day in Portsmouth England.
  • 1963 – Gary Kasparov
    Russian chess player and world champion Gary Kasparov was born on this day.

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