This Day in History – February 28

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February 28

Knowing what all happened on this day in history around the world and in India is so much fun. Students and people are always waiting for our blogs on this day in history at the end of the day so that they can polish up their history and knowledge through our blogs. Check out this blog to know all that happened on this day of February 28 in history.

What Events Happened In India On February 28?

India Shining- February 28
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1835: Calcutta Medical College opened
Calcutta Medical College was opened on February 28, 1835, and it was the second college in Asia to teach European medicine.
1928: National Science Day celebrated
On February 28, 1928, India celebrated National Science Day to mark the discovery of the Raman effect by Sir CV Raman. For this discovery, he was awarded the 1930 Nobel Prize in Physics.
1936: Kamala Kaul Nehru passed away
Kamala Kaul Nehru who was the wife of the former Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru passed away in Lausanne, Switzerland.

What Events Happened Around The World On February 28? 

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202 BC: Coronation Ceremony of Liu Bang
The Coronation Ceremony of Liu Bang as Emperor Gaozu of Han was held on February 28, 200 BC, beginning four centuries of the Han Dynasty rule over China.
1638: National Convent signed 
Scottish Presbyterians signed the National Convent, Greyfriars, Edinburgh.
1700: Swedish Calendar generated 
The day was preceded by March 1 in Sweden thus generating the Swedish calendar.
1704: School for Blacks opened in NYC
Frenchman Elias Neau opened a school for blacks in NYC on February 28, 1704.
1704: Indians invaded Deerfield
Indians invaded Deerfield, Massachusetts and killed 40 people and captured 100.
1728: Siroe re di Persia 
The opera “Siroe, re di Persia” by George Frideric Handel premiered in London.
1759: Bible authorized 
Pope Clement XIII authorized the Bible to be translated into different languages.
1832: Charles Darwin arrived in Salvador
Charles Darwin, aboard HMS Beagle, arrived at the town of Salvador in the Brazilian state of Bahia.
1847: Battle of Sacramento 
The United States defeated Mexico in the Battle of Sacramento on February 28, 1847.
1849: Boatload of gold rush prospectors
The first boatload of gold rush prospectors arrived in San Francisco from the east coast.
1850: University of Utah
The University of Utah opened in Salt Lake City, Utah.
1882: US College Cooperative store
The First US college cooperative store opened at Harvard University.
1904: 2nd Symphony Premiered
Vincent d’Indy 2nd Symphony in B premiered on February 28, 1904.
1904: Sport Lisboa Football club founded 
The Sport Lisboa (Benfica) football club was founded in Lisbon, Portugal.
1909: First National Woman’s Day celebrated
In the United States, the 1st National Woman’s Day was celebrated.
1915: WWI
After the French attempted to push the German forces back into the Champagne area, they gained a few hundred yards at the cost of 50,000 casualties.
1917: US Joined WW I
US joined WW I, AP reports stated that Mexico & Japan will ally with Germany.
1931: Oswald Mosley new party established
The New Party was established by the British politician Oswald Mosley.
1933: Reichstag Fire Decree signed
On February 28, 1933, on the advice of Adolf Hitler, German President Paul von Hindenburg signed the Reichstag Fire Decree after the Berlin fire destroyed the building.
1935: Ladby Ship discovered
The amateur archaeologist Poul Helweg Mikkelsensen discovered Ladby Ship in a Viking grave on the island of Funen in Denmark.
1942: First gun fell on the Netherlands
The first gun fell on the Netherlands.
1953: Chemical structure of DNA molecule discovered
Francis Crick and James Watson discovered the chemical structure of the DNA molecule.
1954: Atmospheric nuclear test 
The United States carried out an atmospheric nuclear test on Bikini Island.
1959: Discoverer 1 launched 
Discoverer 1 (WTR) was launched. It was the first Polar Orbit.
1960: VIII Winter Olympic Games
VIII Winter Olympic Games in Squaw Valley, California was closed on February 28, 1960.
1973: Agreement for Nationalisation 
The Iraq and Iraq Petroleum Company (IPC) reached an agreement on reimbursement for nationalization on February 28, 1973.
1975: Nuclear experiments conducted 
The United States carried out nuclear experiments at the Nevada Test Site.
1981: Dutch ambassador expelled 
Owing to the Dutch submarine sales to Taiwan, the People’s Republic of China expelled the Dutch ambassador.
1984: Michael Jackson won 8 Grammys
At the 26th Grammy Awards, Michael Jackson won 8 Grammys.
1990: 65th Manned Space Mission 
The US 65th Manned Space Mission STS 36 (Atlantis6) launched into orbit on February 28, 1990.
1991: Gulf War ended
The Gulf War ended after Iraq signed a truce following their withdrawal from Kuwait.
1991: Les Miserables opened
“Les Miserables” was opened at Theatre Carre, Amsterdam.
1991: 10th NY Yankee Captain 
Don Mattingly was named 10th NY Yankee Captain.
2004: 500 km long human chain
More than 1 million Taiwanese participating in the 228 Hand-in-Hand Rally formed a 500-kilometre (300-mile) long human chain to commemorate the 228 Incident of 1947.
2007: New Horizons Pluto-observer spacecraft
On 28 February 2007, the New Horizons Pluto-observer spacecraft flew over Jupiter.
2012: London demonstrators evicted
London demonstrators were evicted from St Paul’s Cathedral.
2012: Largest Prehistoric Penguin 
The largest prehistoric penguin, Kairuku grebneffi, was discovered at nearly 5 ft.
2018: Illegal churches closed 
700 illegal churches were closed in Rwanda on February 28, 2018, for being too noisy and lacking building permits.
2019: Summit between Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump
The summit between Kim Jong-un of North Korea and US President Donald Trump collapsed without agreement on February 28, 2019.

List of Important Birthdays 

Shri Krishan Kant
On February 28, 1927, Shri Krishan Kant was born, the former Vice President of India who served in this role from 1997 until his death.

Uppalapu Srinivas
Uppalapu Srinivas was a renowned Indian mandolin player and composer of Carnatic classical music born on February 28, 1969.

Linus Carl Pauling
Born on February 28, 1901, Linus Carl Pauling was a Nobel Prize Winner and an American chemist, biochemist, chemical engineer, peace activist, author, and educator.

Paul Krugman
Paul Robin Krugman is an American economist, a distinguished Professor of Economics at the City University at New York Graduate Center, and a New York Times columnist. He was born on  February 28, 1953, and has won the prestigious Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.

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