This Day in History – September 24

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This Day in History- September 24

Did you know that India entered the orbit of Mars on 24th September 2014? On the same day, in 1996, 71 nations signed the UN Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. Each day is an important part of History, Events that occurred in the past shape our future. Keeping that in mind, let’s explore the significant events of September 24!

What Happened in India on September 24?

  • 2002- Terrorist Attack at Akshardham
    Terrorist Attack at the Akshardham Temple in Gujarat that resulted in the death of nearly 30 people and 80 were reported with severe injuries.
  • 2014– India enters Mars Orbit
    On September 24, India entered Mars orbit in its first attempt thus becoming the first country to do so. 
Credits : IndiaTV

Important Events that Happened Across the Globe on September 24

  • 1935 – First Rodeo Ever to be Held Outdoors
    Earl and Weldon Badcom produced the  First Rodeo Ever to be Held Outdoors under the electric lights.
  • 1946 – Cathay Pacific Airways founded
    On September 24, 1946, Cathay Pacific Airways was founded in Hong Kong.
  • 1946 – Clifford Elsey Report delivered to President Truman
    The  Clifford Elsey Report on the Soviet Union was delivered to President Truman.
  • 1948 – Honda Motor Company founder
    The famous Honda Motor Company was founded.
  • 1950 – Eastern US covered by a thick haze
    The Eastern US was covered by a thick haze from the Chinchaga fire in Western Canada.
  • 1960 – USS Enterprise launched
    USS Enterprise,  the world’s first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, launched
  • 1996 – Signing of Nuclear Test Ban Treaty 
    Representatives of 71 nations sign the  Nuclear Test Ban Treaty at the UN
Credits : AlJazeera
  • 2005 – Hurricane Rita
    Hurricane Rita made a severe landfall in the US causing damage to Southwestern Louisiana.
  • 2007 – Anti Government Protests in Yangon, Burma 
    Between 30,000 and 100,000 people took part in the  Anti Government Protests in Yangon, Burma

Famous Birthdays

1948 – Phil Hartman
Philip Edward Hartman was a Canadian-American actor, comedian, screenwriter, and graphic designer

1957 – Indira Banerjee
Judge of the Supreme Court of India. Known as the 8th female Judge in history and the 3rd female Judge of the Supreme Court of India at present.

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