This Day in History- February 9

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February 9

A source of narrative and knowledge for people, revisiting history can teach us a lot. Apart from showing us various patterns and errors, it has also been an inspiration for art, movies, etc. it gives us answers to many questions and is proof of how we have evolved as a society. Let’s check the various important events that happened on this day in history- February 9.

1540: Race meet
The first recorded race meet in England (Roodee Fields, Chester) on February 9, 1540.

1757: Treaty of Alinagar
Treaty Between the Nawab of Bengal Siraj-ud-Daulah and Robert Clive of the British East India Company. British were allowed to safeguard their fort and open mint.

1775: American Revolutionary War
The British Parliament declared Massachusetts is in rebellion on February 9, 1775.

1807: Assembly of Notables
The Grand Sanhedrin (Jewish high court) was convened by Napoleon Bonaparte to give legal sanction to the principles in the Assembly of Notables.

1849: The Roman Republic declared
The Roman Republic declared in Rome replaced following the flight of Pope Pius IX.

1886: Anti-Chinese violence
US President- Grover Cleveland declared a state of emergency in Seattle because of anti-Chinese violence.

1895: Volleyball Invention
William G. Morgan creates a game called Mintonette, which soon came to be referred to as volleyball.

1909: Opium Exclusion Act
The First federal legislation prohibiting narcotics (opium) was passed on February 9 1909.

1941: World War II
The Cathedral of San Lorenzo in Genoa, Italy, is struck by a bomb that fails to detonate.

1941: “No Entry for Jews”
Nazi collaborators destroyed pro-Jewish café Alcazar Amsterdam because Alcazar refused to hang “No Entry for Jews” signs in front of the cafe on February 9, 1941.

1951: Census of free India
The first census of free India started.

1971: Apollo 14 returned
In the Apollo program, Apollo 14 returned to Earth after the third manned Moon landing.

1971: Sylmar earthquake
Sylmar earthquake hit the Greater Los Angeles Area with a maximum Mercalli intensity of XI (Extreme), killing 64 and injuring 2,000.

1986: Tomb of Maya
Tomb of Tutanchamon’s treasurer Maya found in Egypt.

1986: Halley’s Comet
Halley’s Comet reached the 30th perihelion (closest approach to Sun).

1996: Discovery of Copernicium
German physicist Peter Armbruster, Sigurd Hofmann, Victor Ninov et al. synthesized chemical element 112, a heavy transuranium element that was later named copernicium.

2020: Academy Awards
At the 92nd Academy Awards, “Parasite” becomes the first non-English film to win Best Picture.

2020: COVID-19 
Deaths from the COVID-19 virus overtake those of Sars (2003) with 813 deaths worldwide, with more than 34,800 known infections.

Famous Birthdays on February 9

  • Alice Walker, American writer
  • Homi Talyarkhan, Sikkim Governor 
  • A.R. Antule, Indian Politician
  • J.M. Coetzee, Nobel Laurette in Literature
  • Amrita Singh, Indian Actress
  • William Henry Harrison, Former US President
  • Tom Hiddleston, American Actor

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