This Day in History – March 6

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March 6

Every day makes up a significant moment that adds value to history. If you are a history-lover and love reading about facts then this blog is perfect for you! Let us take you down memory lane and find out all that happened on this day in history – March 6! 

Historical Events in India That Happened on March 6

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1775: Treaty of Surat
The Treaty of Surat was signed by Raghunath Rao marking the end of the First Anglo-Maratha War.

1915: Tagore and Gandhi
On this historical day, the two stalwarts Mahatma Gandhi and Rabindranath Tagore met for the first time at Shantiniketan.

1961: The Economic Times was Founded
The most popular English language-based newspaper in India was founded on 6th March 1961 by the Times Group. 

1991: Indian PM Chandra Shekar Resigns
On 6th March 1991, the Indian Prime Minister Chandra Shekar resigned from the post of Prime Minister after the Congress Party withdrew their support. His tenure lasted only 7 months.

Historical Events Around the World on March 6th

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1323: The Treaty of Paris
The Treaty of Paris was signed on 6th March which acknowledged the Count of Holland as the Count of Zeeland while the Flemish gave up their rights over Count of Zeeland.

1790: National Dentist Day
National Dentist Day is celebrated on 6th March to celebrate dentists and their work. It is aimed at promoting oral health and hygiene. 

1816: Jews expelled from Lubeck, Germany
On this day in history, Jews were expelled from the free city of Lubeck in Germany.

1820: Missouri Compromise
The controversial Missouri Compromise was signed by President James Monroe which allowed Missouri to join the Union as a slave state.

1836: Battle of the Alamo
An important event in the Texas Revolution between the Mexicans and the Texan defenders ended on 6th March 1836.

1853: La Traviata Premieres
The Italian opera La Traviata by composer Giuseppe Verdi was premiered in Venice for the first time.

1933: Great Depression Bank Holiday
US President Franklin Roosevelt declared a four – day bank holiday on this historical day. This meant that all banks would remain shut for inspecting and recovery.

1967: Joseph Stalin’s daughter Svetlana Allilujeva
Amidst the Cold War, Stalin’s daughter Svetlana Allilujeva defected to the United States by approaching the US Embassy in New Delhi, India. 

List of Important Birthday on March 6

  • 1475: Michelangelo – The famous Italian painter, sculptor, architect and poet was born on 6th March 1475. An essential historical figure and renaissance man, he acknowledged for works like the Last Judgement and Sistine Chapel Ceiling.
  • 1884: Molla Mallory – The famous American-Norwegian sportswoman and tennis player was born in Mosvik, Norway on this prominent day in history.
  • 1927: Gabriel Garcia Marquez – The world-renowned Colombian author of books like Love in the Time of Cholera; Gabriel Garcia Marquez was born today. 
  • 1937: Valentina Tereshkova – The first and the youngest Soviet cosmonaut to go to space was born on this historical day. Tereshkova is an essential figure in Russian politics.
  • 1947: Pratap Bhanu Sharma – The Indian politician and a prominent member of the Indian National Congress was born in Madhya Pradesh. 

This is where we end our blog on This Day in History. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading about the different historical events that took place on 6th March! For more exciting educational content, follow Leverage Edu on  LinkedInYoutubeFacebookQuora, and Instagram

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