Tufts University

Private University

Medford, United States

The Tufts University was founded in the year 1852. It is located nearer to downtown Boston and constitutes of the School of Engineering and School of Arts and Sciences which offers courses for undergraduate and graduate students as well as various professional and graduate schools which also include Read more


Highlights of Tufts University

  1. There are almost 11,586 students enrolled for different programs and courses offered by the university. 
  2. The university has an endowment value of over $1.8 billion. 
  3. The university has about 69.4% classes which have less than 20 students in the class. 
  4. The male students are about 48% of the total population while females are 59% of it. 
  5. Around 36% of the undergraduate students for full time programs receive financial aid or support from the university. 

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