Why do You Need a Mentor?

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Why do you need a mentor?
Why do you need a mentor?

As we progress through life, we are bound to require guidance in certain instances. Guidance from others assists in better growth which also helps in making informed decisions. Individuals who guide others with certain aspects of their lives are called mentors. They are specialized in their field of interest with a good amount of experience to provide better advice with real-world problems. There are various types of mentors and these individuals don’t necessarily need to be someone highly experienced. The question remains, why do you need a mentor? In this blog, we will take you through several reasons why mentors are essential in our lives. 

A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you than you see yourself and helps bring it out of you  – Bob Proctor

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Reasons Why You Need a Mentor

Here are a few reasons why a mentor plays an essential role in our lives:

Mentors Guide Us

It is important to understand that asking for guidance does not make you inferior. Nobody is perfect and asking for help is not even an imperfection. Hence, the fundamental role of a mentor cannot be looked down upon. Without an advisor in life, one can easily succumb to folly. Having a person beside you while preparing to learn anything is surely an advantage.

Been There, Done That

The job of a mentor is to advise and counsel the mentee right from the beginning until the goal is accomplished. They have been there, done that. So, they know from experience about the hurdles on road. And once you know about the obstacles, you can dodge them more easily.

Constant Motivation

That one person believes in you and your potential. In your darkest of hours, your guru will stand with you, firm like a rock. When we wake up in the morning and put in our best efforts every day, we all need appreciation and a source of stimulation to keep going the next day as well. A mentor does that.

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New Perspective

One who fails to seek the perspective of others will eventually tread on the path of ruin. While learning things or discovering what to learn, having a person with expertise, is icing on the cake. New ideas and opinions lead you to a better version of yourself. Hence, it is not wrong to say that perspectives lead to perfection.

Don’t Just Learn, Excel

People may know a lot of things already and may feel like they can handle it all alone. However, mentors help us to go a step further and excel? Those little details that we do not even notice are crucial and only a teacher can help us improve on them. This helps us become enhance our skills and gain perfection in our work. 

Support You In Your Highs and Lows

Another special feature of mentors is that they will not abandon you even when you fail. They are well aware that each shot doesn’t hit a six. Hence, even during your low tides, they will help you rediscover yourself and make a new plan to start all over again.

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Build a Network 

Mentors are the ones behind every person who has ever achieved something. You will rarely find a successful person who did not have an advisor at any one stage in their life. They not only do they provide guidance but also they allow us to access their connections. These networks can play a great role in establishing a person’s dream by paving the way and making it easier for the mentee to get in touch with others. 

An Asset for Life

When you choose to have a mentor for a specific venture, unknowingly, you get that guidance for life. It will not matter whether you have moved on, that coach will remain there with you forever. Once you have achieved what you aimed for, the advisor does not vanish.

Famous Mentoring Relationships

We’ve seen great people who have made their names in the world in various fields. But what better greatness than which is passed on to others. Here are examples of a few esteemed personalities who have passed on their knowledge and wisdom to folks in their field. 

Mentor Mentees
Steve Jobs Mark Zuckerberg
Maya Angelou  Oprah Winfrey
Father Michael van der Peet  Mother Teresa
Christian Dior  Yves Saint-Laurent
Warren Buffett  Bill Gates
Mahatma Gandhi  Nelson Mandela
Gopal Krishna Gokhale Mahatma Gandhi
Sachin Tendulkar  Virender Sehwag
Michelle Robinson Barack Obama

Mentoring is extremely powerful and essential for career success and effective progression. If you still have some doubts and wish to experience how’s it like to become a protege, contact our Leverage Edu experts and get a demo mentoring. Sign up for a free session.

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