Top 10 Scholarships in Germany for Indian Students

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Germany has opened up more towards international students from various countries in the past years. It has become a famous destination for overseas education among international students of its globally ranked universities and libraries like Wiblingen Monastery Library, Herzog August Library and Stuttgart City Library. The country has always upheld the quality of education with one of the cheapest education systems in the world. To promote higher education and create alumni who transform into global leaders the country offers a number of Scholarships to aid abroad education. In this blog, we will discuss the top 10 scholarships in Germany for Indian students in detail.

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Types of Scholarships

Germany offers Scholarships at different levels and is funded by different authorities. Government authorities in Germany have already subsidized undergraduate education for native and international students. Despite this, there are three main types of scholarships offered in Germany. 

Government Funded Scholarships 

These scholarships by the government are flexible in the amounts based on the financial conditions of the beneficiary.

Non-Government Funded Scholarships

The non-government scholarships are funded by various organisations which include multiple universities and colleges as well. There are two main types of scholarships under this category: 

  • Universities Specific Scholarships

The universities provide scholarships based on the merit and financial conditions of the candidate. 

  • Course Specific Scholarships

These scholarships are funded by various organisations and are specific to the choice of course. Some scholarships are automatically offered by the choice of course such as the German Language Course. 

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List of Top 10 Scholarships in Germany for Indian Students

Below mentioned is the list of the top 10 scholarships in Germany for Indian students.

Scholarship  Type of Scholarship 
Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst Scholarships (DAAD) Government Funded
European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University
Students scholarships (ERASMUS+)
Government Funded
Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarship Non-Government Funded
Heinrich Boll Scholarship Non-Government Funded
Bayer Foundation Scholarships Non-Government Funded
Goethe Goes Global Scholarships University Specific Scholarship
ESMT Women’s Academic Scholarship University Specific Scholarship
Jacobs University Scholarships University Specific Scholarship 
EMS Undergraduate Scholarship University Specific Scholarship 
DLD Executive MBA Scholarship Non-Government Funded

Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst Scholarships (DAAD)

The most popular scholarship offered by the German Academic Exchange Service is the DAAD. It is only available to those enrolled on higher education under the exchange programmes in Germany. 

This scholarship is provided to enhance international relations between countries. It funds a lot of scholarships for studies and research programs in Germany. The details about the scholarship are mentioned hereunder. 

Name Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst Scholarships
Provided by  German Academic Exchange Service
Selection Criteria Merit-Based
Stream  Engineering and Science
Benefits Funds and Internships based on course and merit
Scholarship Amount  750 EUR – 1,000 EUR/Month
Other Benefits Travel Expense
Health Insurance
Spouse Allowance
Application Deadline Winter Intake – 15 July 2023
Summer Intake – 15 January 2023 
Offered to  International students in Graduation, Postgraduation and PhD
Renewable Yes
Eligibility  All international students under exchange programs

European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students scholarships (ERASMUS+)

ERASMUS is another government-funded scholarship program for international students in Germany. Maintained and operated by the European Commission this scholarship is the most popular one among international students. 

This scholarship is offered in partnership programs and more than 4,000 institutions from 37 countries across the globe are a part of this program. It offers scholarships to extraordinary students from every field coming to study in Europe. The important details of the scholarship program are given below.  

Name European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students scholarships 
Provided by  European Union
Selection Criteria Merit-Based
Stream  All fields
Duration  Max 24 months
Benefits Funds and Placements
Scholarship Amount  Average: 350 EUR/Month 
Other Benefits InsuranceSection of Travel costs (T&C apply)
Monthly subsistence allowance
Application Deadline Fall Intake: 08 January 2023 
Offered to  Meritorious International students pursuing Higher Education from institutes under the exchange program
Renewable Yes
Eligibility  Enrolled for higher education abroad with a 6.5 IELTS Score

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Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarship

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarships are offered to international students and special advantages are given to students coming from developing countries like that of the MENA Region. 

The scholarship provides an excess of connectivity through seminars and alumni networks to the beneficiaries to assist them in finding work opportunities or research projects. A monthly allowance based on the degree being pursued is offered to the selected beneficiary annually. 

Name Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarships 
Provided by  Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Foundation
Selection Criteria Merit Based
Stream  All fields
Duration  2- 3 Years
Benefits Financial Aid 
Scholarship Amount  Average: 850 EUR – 1200 EUR/Month (Special advantages to students from developing nations)
Other Benefits Personal Mentorship
Access to Seminars
Subsidized healthcare allowance
Family Allowance
Application Deadline Fall Intake: 15 July 2023 
Offered to  Postgraduation and PhD students of MENA Region
Renewable One time payment
Eligibility  Enrolled for higher education abroad and under the age of 30 years

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Heinrich Boll Scholarship

The Heinrich Boll Scholarship is offered by the Heinrich Boll Foundation every year. In each academic year, the foundation offers 1,200 scholarships to students enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees abroad. 

Students with an aptitude to perform phenomenally in their respective fields with a sound knowledge of the political and social stature of the world are highly preferred. Students who uphold the ideology of a democratic world are encouraged in the program. 

Name Heinrich Boll Scholarship
Provided by  Heinrich Boll Foundation
Selection Criteria Merit-Based
Stream  All fields
Duration  Throughout the period of studies
Benefits Financial Aid 
Scholarship Amount  Average: 850 EUR – 1200 EUR/Month 
Other Benefits Stationary and Books Allowance
Application Deadline Spring Intake: 01 March 2023
Fall Intake: 01 September 2023
Offered to  Postgraduation and PhD students
Renewable Upto 1 semester
Eligibility  Proficiency in German: B2 or DSH2

Bayer Foundation Scholarships

The Bayer foundation offers three different types of Scholarship programs to German and International students. The various scholarships offered are Otto Bayer Fellowships in Drug Discovery, Jeff Schell Fellowships for Agricultural Science, and Carl Duisberg Fellowships for Medical Sciences

Certain fields of study like Medical Engineering, Applied Medical Science, Public Health and Data Science are not applicable to the scholarship program. 

Name Bayer Foundation Scholarships
Provided by  Bayer Foundation 
Selection Criteria Merit-Based
Stream  Science Field
Duration  2 years
Benefits Financial Aid 
Scholarship Amount  Average: 6400 EUR – 20,000 EUR/Year
Other Benefits
Application Deadline Applications open: 13 February 2023 Application Deadline: 10 April 2023
Offered to  Apprentices, Students of Master, PhD & Medical courses and Teachers
Renewable Yes
Eligibility  Innovative research proposal

Goethe Goes Global Scholarships

Students often aspire to study abroad after the completion of their graduate degrees. The specialisation in the Masters’s programs not only provides excellence in experience and coursework but also a chance to avail the course with low investment. 

Among the many programs that offer scholarships for Masters’s degrees is the Goethe Goes Global Scholarships organised to improve the scope of foreign students going for higher studies. Each year this scholarship is offered to 20 meritorious students from different countries. 

Name Goethe Goes Global Scholarships
Provided by  Goethe University
Selection Criteria Merit-Based
Stream  University list of 75 Programs
Duration  2 years
Benefits Financial Aid 
Scholarship Amount  Average: 1,000 EUR/Month
Other Benefits Skill Seminars
Networking with Global Researchers
Placement support
Application Deadline Fall Intake: 31 August 2023
Offered to  Masters
Renewable Yes
Eligibility  Excellent Score in Bachelors Program

ESMT Women’s Academic Scholarship

The European School of Management and Technology has aimed at reducing the gender disparities in high-paying jobs abroad. The women who apply under the self-funded courses of the institution are eligible to apply for the scholarship program.

These scholarships are provided after the evaluation of candidates on the basis of global leadership skills, interpersonal skills, academic achievement and international projects and assignments that they are part of. 

Name ESMT Women’s Academic Scholarship
Provided by  European School of Management and Technology (ESMT)
Selection Criteria Merit-Based
Stream  Management 
Duration  2 years
Benefits Financial Aid 
Scholarship Amount  Average:15,000 EUR/Year
Other Benefits Additional Scholarships to top-performing candidates under Executive Transition Program
Application Deadline Spring intake:  02 April 2023
Summer Intake: 01 July 2023
Fall intake: 01 October 2023, 02 November 2023
Offered to  Women pursuing Management courses in ESMT 
Renewable Yes
Eligibility  Minimum GMAT Score of 700 and scholarship essay

Jacobs University Scholarships

Management courses are high in demand worldwide. Global leaders today are emerging from different nationalities and gaining positions at economic giants of the world as CEOs, Top-Management Staff and Leaders. 

Jacobs University Scholarships are to promote the ideas coming from the brightest minds across the nations in the newly emerging fields. The scholarship is offered by Constructor University which is one of the top-ranked universities in the Times Higher Education list. 

Name Jacobs University Scholarships
Provided by  Constructor University 
Selection Criteria Merit-Based
Stream  Data Engineering
Supply Chain Management
Data Science for Society and Business
Duration  2 years
Benefits Financial Aid 
Scholarship Amount  Average: 8,000 EUR -12,000 EUR/Year
Other Benefits Repayment of the remaining Tuition fee after getting placement 
Application Deadline Fall Intake: 01 June 2023
Offered to  Students enrolled for MSc at Jacob University 
Renewable Yes
Eligibility  6.5 IELTS Score, Knowledge of German Language

EMS Undergraduate Scholarship

The EMS Undergraduate Scholarship is one of the best options for those applying for graduate courses abroad. The scholarship is offered in two categories one is for excellence in academics known as the Best Performer Scholarship and the other is for active participation in Social Activities known as Social Engagement Scholarship. 

Name EMS Undergraduate Scholarship
Provided by  European Management School
Selection Criteria Merit-Based, Social Engagement 
Stream  All UG Courses in the College
Duration  2 years
Benefits Tuition fee discount
Scholarship Amount  50% discount on tuition fee
Other Benefits
Application Deadline 30 June 2023
Offered to  Undergraduate Students from any Nationality
Renewable Yes
Eligibility  Enrolment in EMS undergraduate program with above average performance. 

DLD Executive MBA Scholarship

A professional in the field of Digital, Media, Technology, Advertising, Designing, Marketing, Journalism, Gaming and entertainment can avail of the DLD Executive MBA Scholarship to study in Germany. 

The candidates can choose to pursue their jobs while they upskill themselves to a much higher level with an MBA in Leadership Program that allows them to compete globally for top-management jobs. Along with the basic intake of beneficiaries, the university also selects three additional applicants who are granted an amount of 10,000 EUR as an aid towards their studies. 

Name DLD Executive MBA Scholarships
Provided by  Berlin School of Creative Leadership
Selection Criteria Merit-Based
Stream  MBA in Leadership Program
Duration  2 years
Benefits Financial Aid 
Scholarship Amount  Average: 53,000 EUR
Other Benefits Can work while studying
Application Deadline September 2023
Offered to  Work professionals enrolled in MBA in Leadership Program
Eligibility  Candidates who are already in leadership positions

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How to Get a Scholarship in Germany?

Germany is liberal in granting scholarships to international students and is now among the top 5 nations for Indian Students to study abroad. According to the report of the Ministry of External Affairs around 1.3 Million Students from India went to study abroad in 2022. This year the expected number is 1.5 million. 

As Germany is opening its arms to international students with scholarship programs and relaxation in language barriers the influx of Indian students in German Universities is steeply increasing. The data below represents the number of Indian students in Germany over the years. 

Tips for Applying

Here are some tips on how to apply for scholarships in Germany to boost their career and academic excellence. 

  1. Research the conducting body and send the application directly to the organising committee. Some scholarships are provided by government bodies while some are privatised or funded by the university itself.
  2. Keep checking the deadlines and apply at least a week before the deadline. Some scholarships are awarded annually while others are offered on a semester or quarterly basis. 
  3. Clearly mention your intent and purpose for pursuing the course. Academic excellence and other achievements should be listed in the essay. Candidates should also talk about their research projects and proposals submitted at the university in case of research-based courses. Justifying a political and social view may also be helpful in some cases, where the universities support global harmony. 
  4. Attach all necessary documents based on the eligibility criteria. 

Documents Required

The following documents are mandatory to submit at the time of application to be considered for the top 10 scholarships in Germany for Indian Students 

Above mentioned is the list of the top 10 scholarships in Germany for Indian Students. Those students who are looking to study in Germany should apply for these scholarships before the deadlines.


 How to study in Germany for Free?

Germany is a country that supports education among all and offers a variety of fully funded scholarships for meritorious students from different backgrounds. To know more about university grants and scholarships that fully fund the tuition fees and other expenses Click here

Why study in Germany?

There are many reasons to choose Germany as our study abroad destination, some of them are:
Cleaner environment.
Opportunity to learn new culture and language.
Tuition fee waivers and scholarships.
Relatively lower cost of living and studying.
A vast community of Indian Students and students from other nationalities. 

Is the German Language compulsory to study in Germany?

There are several universities in Germany that offer all programs in English like Jacob University, Bard College Berlin etc. Certain other universities also offer some programs in English and the candidates can enrol for them if they meet the minimum eligibility criteria for the English Language. 

Hope you get an idea of the top 10 scholarships in Germany for Indian Students. To know more about the study abroad programs and the best universities with specific coursework follow Leverage Edu. Subscribe to us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter for all recent updates and information on studying abroad. 

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