UI/UX Design Courses in Germany to Apply in 2023

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UIUX Design Courses in Germany

In today’s digital age, the demand for skilled UI and UX designers is skyrocketing. Especially when the field of UI UX design offers exciting career prospects and the option to acquire proper education and training for success. So, it is understandable that the world is slowly turning into a hotspot to acquire degrees and prosper for UI and UX designers. Germany, renowned for its excellence in education, offers an array of high-quality UI and UX design courses. Therefore, this article will dive into the top UI/UX design courses in Germany that you can apply and boost your skillset 

What is UI/UX Designing?

UI/UX design is the process of creating user interfaces and experiences for digital products such as websites, mobile app development, and software. The goal of UI/UX design is to enhance the usability and accessibility of digital products while providing an enjoyable and engaging experience for users. 

Consequently, UI/UX designers consider various factors such as user behaviour, user needs, and business goals to create intuitive and visually appealing interfaces that are easy to navigate. In short, UI/UX design plays a crucial role in creating digital products that are not only functional but also user-friendly and visually appealing.

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Best UI/UX Design Courses in Germany

Now that you are familiar with the career spectrum of UI/UX Design, let’s take a closer look at the best UI/UX Design courses in Germany and universities where you can apply for the programmes.

Popular UI/UX Design Courses Name of University
UI/UX Design Course Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
Bachelor’s in Interaction DesignMaster’s in Interaction Design CODE University of Applied Sciences
Human-Computer Interaction and Design Hasso Plattner Institute
UI/UX Design and Communication Programme FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences
Human-Centered Computing and Design Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
User Experience Design Programme Technical University of Berlin
Communication Design Interface Design programme University of Applied Sciences Potsdam
Master’s in Design and Communication University of the Arts, Berlin
UI/UX Design Programme Stuttgart Media University

Top Universities in Germany for UI/UX Design Courses

Evidently, Germany is one of the top choices among students for overseas education. While the universities tabulated below are renowned for offering top-rated UI/UX Design courses, faculties, and complete college exposure. 

LE Rating UI/UX Design Universities in Germany QS University Ranking 2023
4.8 University of the Arts, Berlin #48
4.6 The Bauhaus-Universität Weimar #51-100
4.5 Stuttgart Media University #312
4.2 CODE University of Applied Sciences #582
4.0 FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences

Job Prospectus After UI/UX Design Courses

After completing a UI/UX Design course in Germany, you can explore various job prospects in these fields both in India and abroad:

  • UX/UI Designer: A UX/UI designer is responsible for creating user-friendly interfaces and experiences for websites, applications, and other digital products.
  • Front-end Developer: Front-end developers are responsible for implementing designs into code using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They work closely with designers to ensure that the final product is visually appealing and functional. 
  • Product Manager: Product managers oversee the development of digital products from ideation to launch. 
  • User Researcher: User researchers conduct research to understand user behaviour, needs, and preferences. They use this information to inform the design process and ensure that the final product meets the needs of the target audience.
  • Interaction Designer: Interaction designers focus on designing the way users interact with digital products. They create wireframes, prototypes, and other design artefacts to ensure that the final product is intuitive and easy to use.

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Top UX/UI Recruiters in India

Some of the top recruiters who are always on the lookout for a good UX/UI designer are:

Lollypop Design F1Studioz
YUJ Designs NetBrahma Studios
Thence E-Flair Webtech


Is UI/UX design in demand in Germany?

Yes, UI/UX design is highly in demand in Germany and provides opportunities to earn up to €65,000 annually in the role.

Which is the best university in Germany for UI/UX design? 

With a 48th QS University Ranking, the University of Arts, Berlin, is one of the best Universities offering UI/UX Design courses in Germany.

What is the average salary of UI/UX Designers in India?

The average salary of a UI/UX Designer in India ranges from INR 5.00 to INR 8.03 Lakhs per annum for an entry-level position.

This was all about the UI/UX Design Courses in Germany and a career thereafter. We hope you have understood that, from UX/UI designers to front-end developers, product managers, user researchers, and interaction designers, there are many opportunities for students to explore after completing a UI/UX design course in Germany. For more such content, stay connected with LeverageEdu!

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