Universities Accepting SAT in Australia: Best Universities, Fees, Ranking

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The SAT is a widely recognised standardised exam that is conducted to assess the mental aptitude and competence of individuals aspiring to study abroad. This test has grown in popularity among students all across the globe due to its sheer convenience, affordability and various other perks. Today, most universities across the planet accept the SAT as a primary requisite for admission into their UG courses. 


Individuals who wish to pursue their higher education in Australia can send their SAT scores to most of the prominent universities over there.  That being said, Australia has become even more popular among overseas students as a result of its acceptance and inclusion of standardised examinations, such as the SAT exam. To learn more about SAT-accepted universities in Australia, read the complete blog.  

Top 10 SAT Accepting Universities in Australia

Australia boasts multiple universities that accept SAT scores for admission. As a result, SAT takers can submit their results to their selected Australian university and enrol in the degree or programme of their choice. The minimum SAT score requirement for Australian universities ranges from 1200-1500. That being said, here are the top 10 universities in Australia that accept SAT scores for admission purposes. 

That being said, let us now delve into these universities and learn more about them. 

University of Queensland

Established in 1909, the University of Queensland (UQ) has grown into a globally known institution that consistently ranks among the best institutions in the world. The institution provides undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in a variety of subjects, including engineering and medical science. Experienced professors here help students to academic success, creating a tailored learning environment within a supportive and welcoming community. UQ’s mission to develop bright brains into stalwarts attracts students from all over the world, who are further welcomed with comprehensive support services and scholarship options. 

Australian National University

The Australian National University is heralded as one of the most prominent academic institutions in Australia. The university boasts of offering a multitude of intensive courses, lucrative scholarships, cutting-edge facilities, and more. Situated in the heart of Canberra, ANU is always encapsulated with the hustle and bustle of people, making it vivacious. And owing to its amicable ambience, international students will never feel out of home or ostracised here.

University of Sydney

If Australia is your study-abroad dream, the University of Sydney should be your top contender. It’s not just hype; this esteemed institution provides everything you need to launch your academic journey and propel you towards a fulfilling career. Dive into a vast ocean of top-tier courses and programs, meticulously crafted to equip you with a profound understanding of your chosen field. Renowned faculty will guide you on your intellectual voyage, while diverse course offerings provide valuable hands-on experience.

Griffith University

Griffith University can be your gateway to paving a lucrative career trajectory in the domains of technology and engineering. Apart from imparting top-tier education, Griffith boasts a treasure trove of scholarships, making your dream education a reality. Here, you will be able to immerse yourself in a curriculum that’s anything but textbook-dry. It’s dynamic, challenging, and designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills employers crave. At Griffith University, students have the luxury of learning from the best and gaining invaluable insights and support from industry stalwarts.

Curtin University

Curtin University is one of the most prominent universities in Australia. CU promises to hone and mould bright minds into capable professionals equipped with the practical and theoretical knowledge to thrive in the professional domain. Ranked among the top 1% of universities worldwide, Curtin provides a world-class education respected by employers and institutions everywhere. Curtin University even offers specialised courses in fields such as renewable energy, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence, preparing you for the careers of tomorrow.

James Cook University

James Cook University is notable for its exceptional academic quality, intensive undergraduate and postgraduate programs, lucrative job placements, and scholarship options. This university aims not only to provide the best education to students but also to hone and mould them into adept individuals in their respective fields. Individuals with an affinity for subjects such as science, engineering, social sciences, medicine, marine biology, and so on. 

Monash University

Located in Melbourne, Australia, Monash University can be your gateway to a successful career trajectory. Students from all over the globe come here every year, expecting best-in-class education and cutting-edge facilities, and they are not disappointed with the hype of the university. Renowned for its research intensity, diverse programmes, and vibrant student life, Monash offers a world-class experience that shapes future leaders and changemakers. Consistently ranking among the top 1% of universities worldwide, Monash provides

SAT Accepting Universities in Australia 2024:  Fees, Ranking, SAT Score Requirement, Top Courses

Australia has emerged as a leading academic hub over the years, owing to its myriad of notable universities, flexible education policies for international students, lucrative scholarships and so on. The country accepts SAT scores as a major criterion for admission into most of its universities and colleges. That being said, refer to the following table to go through the list of SAT-accepting universities in Australia along with their fees, ranking and SAT score requirements 

Name of the University  Avr Fees QS World Ranking 2024SAT Score RequirementTop Courses
University of Queensland48,000 AUD-54,000 AUD (annual)#431300Engineering, Biotechnology, Business
Australian National University43,000 AUD- 48,000 AUD (annual)#341250Computer Science, Law
The University of Sydney45,000 AUD-53,000 AUD (annual)#191170Agricultural Science, AI
Griffith University30,000 AUD-86,000 AUD (annual)#2431240Business, Education
Curtin University30,000 AUD- 60,000 AUD (annual) #1831000Education, Engineering
University of Western Australia48,000 AUD- 56,000 AUD (annual) #721170Geology, Geophysics
Edith Cowan University32,000 AUD- 48,000 AUD (annual) #501-5501105Sports science, Nursing
James Cook University32,000 AUD- 55,000 AUD (annual) #4151000Medicine, Dentistry
University of South Australia31,000 AUD- 55,000 AUD (annual) #3261050Business, Health 
Monash University44,000 AUD-57,000 AUD  (annual) #421100-1290Business, Engineering 

How to Send Your SAT Score to Australian Universities? 

Individuals can follow these steps to send their SAT scores to their preferred universities in Australia. 

  1. First, you must create an account on the College Board’s official website.
  2. Then, sign in to your account using your login credentials.
  3. Once done with that, you must navigate to the ‘SAT Score Sending’ section of the website.
  4. Select your preferred Australian university as your designated university and enter the university code. Ensure the code is accurate.
  5. Submit your best SAT score to the university if you have taken the test multiple times.

Why Do Students Prefer Taking the SAT Over Other Standardised Exams in Australia? 

Students aspiring to study in Australia can send their SAT scores for admission purposes. The SAT exam has garnered a lot of popularity amongst students from Australia as well as from all over the globe recently. Students nowadays prefer taking the SAT and rely on their SAT scores for admission purposes in comparison to other standardised exams. Some of the foremost reasons for such a shift are: 

  • The SAT is accepted by all prestigious universities in the United States, Australia, the UK, Germany and so on. 
  • Every state in Australia has at least one SAT centre. The usual test sites are Geelong College, Melbourne Grammar, Haileybury, etc. 
  • Taking the SAT broadens and bolsters your application pool and gives you more options.
  • Taking the SAT gives you a more standardized measure of academic abilities, allowing authorities to gauge an individual’s aptitude and academic prowess better. 
  • Having strong SAT scores can bolster your chances of securing lucrative scholarship options. 

So that was all about SAT-accepted universities in Australia. Hope the blog has answered your queries regarding the topic.

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Q1. What is the average SAT score requirement in Australia? 

Ans:  The average SAT score requirement in Australia ranges from 1100 to 1200. 

Q2. What are the best Australian universities that accept SAT scores? 

Ans: University of Sydney, Griffith University, James Cook University, And Monash University are some of the best SAT-accepting universities in Australia. 

Q3. What is the SAT score requirement for admission into the prestigious Monash University? 

Ans: The SAT requirement for Monash University is 1100-1290. 

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