TOEFL Writing Topic: Video games are great ways to help children learn creativity.

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Video games are great ways to help children learn creativity.

Q- Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Video games are great ways to help children learn creativity. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion. Do not use memorized examples.

Ans: As an avid gamer, I can attest to the fact that video games are excellent for teaching children creativity.  That being said, I’d want to emphasise that video games are not only fantastic for stimulating one’s creative juices, but also for improving reflexes and eye-hand coordination. 


I recall having to wait an entire day just to play my favourite online games with my friends. That was the moment when I made some fantastic friends and bonded with people I never expected to be friends with in real life. The online games we used to play relied largely on communication and teamwork, implying that gaming can genuinely teach youngsters life lessons and abilities that would come in helpful in the future. In my perspective, the term gaming has garnered a negative connotation over the years due to exploitive media coverage that exclusively shows gaming in a negative way. However, there are various positives to gaming as well. The foremost advantage of playing video games is improved concentration. According to studies, youngsters tend to focus more while they play, which improves their reflexes and hand-eye coordination. Furthermore, gaming is excellent for team-building, so much so that numerous multinational corporations around the world incorporate gaming sessions into their schedules to mitigate animosity among employees and help them coordinate and collaborate with one another. Such sessions typically result in employees bonding with one another, bridging gaps caused by a lack of communication and coordination. 

My favourite video game series as a kid was the ‘Last Of Us’ series. The first time I played the game, I noticed the power that storytelling in games can hold. The ‘Last of Us’ taught me about loss, survival, and perseverance. When I initially started playing the game, I learned about the characters and their dynamics with one another, their camaraderie, and their terrible origins, which made me reflect on how fragile and delicate life can be. See how an innocuous game can seem so heartfelt and influential that it moves you. The game dealt with several complex and convoluted subjects that were difficult for me to understand at the time, and it taught me a lot about life and made me see the world in new ways. The Last of Us is a single example of how potent a tool gaming can be. That being said, there are a plethora of other story-driven games that, when approached correctly, may teach a great deal to children.  

Finally, I believe that the gaming sector has recently begun to blossom as one of the most lucrative industries in the world. This gives us gamers hope that we will be able to pursue a gaming career. Days are gone when gaming was once chastised for not bringing any value to one’s life or being merely a source of enjoyment. Today, with the advent of social media and the internet, new work prospects in the gaming business have emerged, the most well-known of which is content creation in gaming and Esports. In terms of money and sponsorship, today’s online gaming events are on a level with professional football or tennis championships. One can only speculate on where gaming will lead in the future. I believe that when gaming establishes itself as a lucrative career choice, more gamers will come forward, resulting in more jobs and opportunities. 

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