PTE Score Validity for Australian PR and Canada: Check Details

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The Pearson Test of English (PTE) test scores remain valid for two years after the test is conducted. That being said, you can send your PTE scores to your desired university abroad for enrollment purposes. Now, it should be noted that you cannot send your PTE scores after the time frame of 2 years, as your score validity will expire and you will not be deemed eligible for consideration. Read the article to learn more about the PTE Score Validity. 


What is the PTE Exam Validity for Australian PR?

Seeking permanent residency in Australia (PR) requires applying for an Australian PR visa. One crucial eligibility requirement is demonstrating English language proficiency through the PTE Academic test. Recognized by Australia for all visa categories and PR, the PTE Academic score carries a validity of 3 years from the test date. To qualify for any Australian visa, including PR, you must achieve a minimum score of 50 or above in all four sections of the PTE Academic test. Now, it should be noted that Australia recognises solely the PTE Academic test results and not the PTE General test results as criteria for an Australian permanent residency visa.

What is the PTE Score Validity for the UK?

Students aspiring to study or relocate in the UK can send in their PTE scores for enrolment or visa purposes. That being said, the PTE score validity for the UK is 2 years after the test is conducted. 

How much PTE Score is required for the UK in 2024?

The average PTE score required for admission into UK universities ranges from 51 to 60 for UG courses and 57 to 67 for PG courses.

List of Universities in the UK Accepting PTE Scores in 2024

Here is a list of some of the best universities in the UK that accept PTE scores for enrolment purposes in 2024. 

Name Of University Minimum PTE score
University of Manchester59
University of Glasgow59
University of Leeds62
University of Nottingham59
University of Sheffield51
University of Southampton62
University of Sussex51
Durham University62
University of Aberdeen59

PTE Score Validity for Canada

The PTE score validity for Canada is 2 years. Individuals who wish to pursue their higher education in Canada must strive to achieve a minimum PTE score of 58-73. That being said, have a look at the list given below to go through the minimum PTE score requirements for Canada. 

How much PTE Score is Required for Canada in 2024? 

To gain admission to Canadian universities, your PTE score should ideally fall between 58 and 73. However, specific requirements vary depending on the chosen university and program. Aiming for a score between 85 and 90 can open doors to some of Canada’s most prestigious institutions.

That being said, have a look at the table below to understand PTE scores and the availability of universities based on your scores. 

PTE Score Availability of University 
85-90Admission into top-ranked Canadian universities 
70-79Admission into a majority of universities ranked in the top 100. 
50-59Admission into a selected number of universities. 
40-49Admission into a limited number of universities ranking above 400. 

Minimum PTE Score Required for Canada Student Visa

Candidates seeking to pursue further education at top Canadian institutes and applying for the Canada Student Visa must meet the required PTE scores to be considered eligible. The required PTE scores for a Canadian Student Visa may vary according to the degree of study followed by candidates. 

Furthermore, the minimum accepted PTE scores for admission is also dependent on the applied programme. Look at the following requisites: 

  1. Candidates intending to pursue a Diploma from Canada must have secured a minimum score of 45 in their PTE Exam. It is a mandate for one to secure at least 36 points in each module. 
  2. Those who wish to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Canada must have secured a minimum score of 50 points. One must score at least 45 points in each section.  
  3. Individuals must secure a minimum aggregate score of 65 points to pursue a diploma or master’s program from any major Canadian institute. Individuals are required to secure a minimum score of 50 points in each section. 

So that was all about PTE validity. Hope the blog has answered your queries pertaining to the topic. 

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Q1. What is the validity of the PTE Academic test?

Ans:  PTE Academic Score Reports hold validity for two years from the test date, applicable for academic purposes.

Q2. Which PTE test is best for Australian Immigration? 

Ans. The PTE academic test is the best for immigration purposes into Australia. 

Q3. What is the PTE validity period for Australian PR? 

Ans. The PTE validity period for Australian PR is 3 years. 

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