PTE Score Guide: Score Analysis, PTE Accepting Countries, Best Tips

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PTE Score Guide: Score Analysis, PTE Accepting Countries, Best Tips

PTE exam stands for Pearson Test of English. PTE is one of the most commonly accepted and approved English Proficiency Tests and PTE Scores are also widely accepted across countries and colleges. When you take your PTE Exam, you will be awarded a score that makes you eligible to travel abroad to study. Many people get confused about how to analyse the PTE score, so this guide will help you learn about it. 

Exam Full NamePearson Test of English
Conducting BodyPearson PLC Group
Exam ModeOnline
Skills TestedEnglish Writing, Speaking, Listening and Reading
PTE Exam FeesINR 14,435- INR 17,000
Validity of Score2 years

Analysing Your PTE Score Range

The total score range of the PTE Exam is 0-90 marks. The score may vary from section to section. When you check your result of the exam online, there will be a score available. Now, most people are unable to analyse the score and understand their position. Refer to the table below to analyse what different score ranges indicate:

Score Range Details
Above 85 Can easily understand everything even in virtual means
Can easily express him/herself very fluently and with precise information.
76-85Can easily use language for social media and professional purposes and understand all the long texts etc.
59-75Can understand the main idea of a very complex text.
Can produce a text with detailed information on different topics including tropical topics.
43-58Can deal with situations where the language is spoken and can produce simple texts with personal interest.
30-42Can understand text and expression of basic information and immediate relevance.
Can easily describe him/herself, about his family, background etc.
10-29Can easily introduce him/herself and answer all the questions related to themselves and interact in a very simple way and use very basic phrases.

How To Check and Report Your PTE Score?

The PTE score is available after two days of taking the exam on the official website. The validity of your PTE score is approximately 2 years. To check your score, you just need to log into the official website through your ‘myPTE’ account. There will be a full report about your total score and section-wise score. You can even analyse it to see your skills. 

How to Send Your PTE Score Report?

  • Step 1: Log in to your ‘myPTE’ account and click on “View Score Reports”
  • Step 2: Click on ‘Send’ score and type the name of the institution and select it. Similarly, type the name of the course and select it. 
  • Step 3: Review your selection and scroll down to confirm.

You can select as many institutes as you can for free. Repeat the process for each institution.

Download PTE Score Guide 2024

Download the link given below to go through the complete PTE score guide and understand the nuances of the scoring system of the exam.

5+ Tips and Tricks To Ace Your PTE Exams

PTE Preparation Tips: Preparing for the PTE exam can be daunting, but it can be a breeze with the right preparation. There are some great PTE preparation tips and tricks that you can use to score well on your PTE exam. Here are a few of our favourites:


Understand the Format of the Exam

This will help you know what to expect on test day and allow you to better prepare for the types of questions that will be asked.

Do Practice Questions

A great way to prepare for the exam is to do practice questions. This will help you get used to the format of the exam and familiarise yourself with the types of questions that will be asked.

Time Yourself

Another important tip is to time yourself when doing practice questions. This will help you gauge how long you have for each question on the actual exam and help you pace yourself accordingly.

Take Breaks

Don’t try to cram everything in at once! When studying for the PTE, it’s important to take breaks and give your brain a rest. Otherwise, you’ll just end up feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. You will be able to study better if you eat healthily and get some sleep as junk food is not a good idea. 

Start Studying Early

The more time you have to study, the better prepared you will come on test day. It is also helpful to consider How much time will you be able to manage each day? Plan your revision to ensure that you use your time to the best advantage. 

Take Adequate Rest

Make sure you get plenty of rest the night before the exam so that you are well-rested and ready to do your best on test day.

PTE Accepting Countries 2024

Refer to the list below to find the best countries that accept PTE scores for admission. Some of the countries accepting PTE scores are as follows:

South AfricaAustralia
NigeriaHong Kong
IrelandSouth Korea
New Zealand Germany
UK France 

So that was all about the PTE score guide. Hope the blog has answered your queries regarding the topic.

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What is the best PTE Score for anyone to secure?

The best PTE score is 79+ marks. It isn’t easy to score a 79+ on the PTE exam. However, if you follow some tips like improving your vocabulary, using your time wisely and knowing your mistakes. Just follow these tips and you can score good marks.

How can you calculate PTE Secure?

PTE score calculation is on the basis of your overall performance in the test. There are different types of tasks in the PTE Exam. The scores depend on these different parts added to make your final score. The overall total score is 90 marks. 

Does Canada accept the PTE exam?

Many different countries accept the PTE exam as an English proficiency test. One such country is Canada. Canadian universities and colleges accept PTE results. Alternatively, the other most common tests are IELTS and TOEFL. 

Which of the exams is easy, IELTS or PTE?

IELTS or PTE  are the most common English proficiency exams. The scoring bands of both exams are different. IELTS is more difficult than the PTE exam. 

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