ACT Syllabus 2024: Updated Section-wise Syllabus

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ACT Syllabus

ACT (American College Testing) is a standardized test taken by students for university admissions in the USA. The examination consists of Mathematics, Reading, Science, and English sections. There is an optional writing section as well. The examination is conducted for a duration of 3 hours. A total of 215 questions were asked in the paper. Generally, a 20.8 score is the average that candidates secure in the examination. Before appearing for the ACT examination it is important to be aware of the ACT syllabus. It can help the student to be well-prepared for the test. Keep reading to learn more about the ACT syllabus.

Exam Name SAT
Exam Sections  Reading Writing, and Mathematics
Exam Duration 2 hours and 14 minutes
Exam Website

ACT Exam Test Pattern 2024

The ACT examination pattern & ACT Syllabus is as follows:

Section Duration No.of Question ACT syllabus
Mathematics 60 minutes 60 MCQ Algebra, elementary trigonometry, geometry, reasoning, and problem-solving
English 45 minutes 75 Usage/mechanics and rhetorical skills
Science 35 minutes 40 Interpretation, analysis, reasoning, evaluation, and problem-solving
Reading 35 minutes 40 Reading Comprehension
Writing Test (optional) 30 minutes 1 essay Writing Skills

ACT Syllabus

The ACT exam syllabus for all sections is provided below. That is, English, Mathematics, science, reading, and writing tests.


75 MCQs are asked in this section. Mainly 2 skills are tested- Rhetorical skills (abstract understanding of a passage) usage and mechanics (understanding of grammar rules)

Types of questions asked  Description
Punctuation semi-colons, apostrophe, period, comma etc. 
Strategy  Modify a given passage by using appropriate phrases
Grammar Usage  subject/verb agreement, pronoun/antecedent agreement, verb formation, pronoun case, etc
Organization  Choice of opening/closing and transitional sentences.
Style Ability to maintain the flow and tone of the essay.


The types of questions asked in the Mathematics ACT syllabus are as follows:

Types of questions asked  Description
Pre-Algebra Number problems, multiples/factors/primes, divisibility, percentages, fractions, square roots, ratios, etc
Intermediate Algebra Equations, functions, matrices, logarithms, inequalities, sequence
Elementary Algebra substitution, simplifying expressions, solving linear equations, inequalities, multiplying binomials
Coordinate Geometry Number lines, graphing inequalities, distance and midpoints, slope calculation, parallel/perpendicular lines
Plane Geometry Angles, triangles, polygons, circles, 3-D geometry, volume, properties of circles
Trigonometry Graphing trigonometric functions, solving trigonometric equations, etc


The types of questions asked in the Reading ACT syllabus are as follows:

This section contains 4 passages for a total of 40 multiple-choice questions. The passages will represent four broad areas: social science, humanities, natural science, and literary fiction.

Types of questions asked  Description
Central Idea Big idea or theme of the passage
Detail  Understanding of a specific phrase/line within a passage is tested
Vocabulary Contextual understanding of words and their usage
Function  Understanding of the role of a particular word or phrase 
Implied Idea Explain the meaning of a word/phrase 


The science section contains 7 passages. Questions consisting of diagrams such as charts, tables, and graphs are asked. The topic of the questions tends to revolve around chemistry, physics, biology, chemistry, and Earth sciences.

Types of questions asked  Description
Research Summaries Tests the ability of the candidate in using the information provided to decipher graphs/scatter plots/tables
Data Representation Tests the ability of the candidate to use the information provided to decipher graphs/scatter plots/tables
Conflicting Viewpoints Accesses the ability to analyze divergent viewpoints

Writing (Optional) 

The ACT syllabus writing test consists of a short passage, accompanied by 3 different viewpoints. The task involves analyzing the viewpoints, providing the merits and demerits, identifying the flaws of reasoning (if any), and discussing the scope of improvements.

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1. What are the subjects in ACT exam?

The 4 assessments on the ACT: are reading, math, science, and English. Additionally, there is also an optional writing test (essay). The ACT duration: two hours and fifty-five minutes without the essay & three hours and thirty-five minutes with the essay.

2. What is ACT and SAT syllabus?

Mathematics and English are tested on the SAT. ACT, on the other hand, assesses students in reading, science, math, and English skills.

3. Is the ACT harder than the SAT?

Both ACT and SAT examinations are used for college admissions. However, the difficulty level of each exam depends on the student. The universities consider ACT and SAT equally.

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