TOEFL Reading Topics: Tips to Prepare Reading Section

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TOEFL Reading Topics

Candidates intending to take the TOEFL Exam must excel in the reading section in order to bolster their overall scores. To some, scoring high in the TOEFL reading section may appear to be an uphill battle, but with adequate preparation and mastery of the TOEFL reading topics, one can easily ace the reading section. One must go through the TOEFL Reading Topics and prepare from such topics to score better in TOEFL Reading. The reading section of the TOEFL exam aims to gauge an individual’s aptitude and proficiency in English Reading. In this section, candidates are primarily arbitrated on the basis of their understanding of the passages given in the questionnaire. 


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List of TOEFL Reading Topics

TOEFL Reading Topics primarily encompass topics from subjects such as Science, Social Science, Humanities and so on. Therefore, those who wish to ace their TOEFL Reading section must go through such topics extensively. It is crucial for one to take the reading section of the TOEFL exam seriously as it constitutes a major portion of the overall weightage of the exam. Those who are unable to score well in this section will hamper their chances of securing overall eligible scores. Refer to the following list of topics that have been widely implemented in the  TOEFL Reading Section throughout the years. 

Science Meteorology
Humanities Art
World History
North American Art
Social Science Economics
Political Science 
Public Relations

TOEFL Reading Topics: How to Score High? 

Reading as many articles, books, and essays on as many different themes as possible is the best method for augmenting one’s chances of scoring well in the TOEFL Reading section. Having a good understanding of a multitude of topics can bolster one’s chances of acquiring better grades in the TOEFL Exam. This will not only enhance one’s knowledge of different topics but also help one inculcate the habit of daily reading which is the foremost requirement to ace the TOEFL Reading Section. Apart from that, one can refer to the following list of tips to better prepare for TOEFL Reading. 

  1. Solve as many mock papers as possible Doing so will help candidates get an idea about the question types, exam pattern and marking scheme. 
  2. During preparation, one must inculcate the habit of finding certain keywords and focusing on them. This will come in handy whilst attempting questions from lengthy passages provided in the TOEFL Reading Section. 
  3. It is crucial for one to hone their accuracy and speed while preparing for the TOEFL Reading Test. Therefore, one can use timers during preparation to constrict their time limit. This will also help one increase their overall thinking and writing speed.  
  4. Candidates must keep in mind to be aware of modifiers in answer choices.

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Time-Management Tips for TOEFL Reading Topics

It is crucial for candidates to streamline their preparation strategy and adhere to it to achieve better results in the TOEFL Exam. Due to time limitations, aspirants can find themselves to be in a predicament whilst attempting convoluted or challenging questions. Therefore, it is very important for aspirants to manage their time during the exam. Time management plays a vital score in one’s selection and can make or break one’s chances of achieving high scores in the TOEFL Reading Test. Aspirants can refer to the following tips to manage their time better while attempting the TOEFL Reading Section.

  • It is critical for candidates to avoid reading the entire passage and focus only on the key phrases and keywords to save time. 
  • It is advised that candidates always start reading the initial lines of the paragraphs given in the passages.
  • One must go through the questions prior to reading the entire passage.
  • One must attempt those questions first that do not require one to read the passage elaborately, such as vocabulary-based or definition-based questions. 
  • One must implement the keywords in finding the answers. This will help one save time by not wasting it on reading the entire passage. 
  • It is critical for one to not waste time on questions that are challenging to tackle at first. One must answer the easier ones first and later come back to the challenging questions. 


What topics are in TOEFL reading?

Students preparing for the TOEFL Exam must cover the following topics in order to ace the TOEFL Reading Section. Science, Humanities, Astronomy, Art, Music, Literature, Geology, Technology, Communication, Chemistry, and Biology are the topics with the highest weightage in the TOEFL Reading section. 

How can one practice for the TOEFL reading section? 

It can be difficult for some people to perform well in the TOEFL reading section. As a result, one must streamline their preparation in order to ace the specified section. Memorising question types, finding keywords, making it a habit to read every day, and instilling the practice of incorporating fresh vocabulary in daily discussions are some of the best recommendations for scoring high in the TOEFL reading section. 

What is a good score on TOEFL reading?

15-22 is regarded as a good TOEFL reading score, while 22-30 is considered a high score and can increase one’s chances of obtaining a better overall TOEFL score. 

The TOEFL Reading section can be challenging for some, but with adequate preparation and understanding, one can easily ace this section without any hindrance.  Therefore, it is critical for one to go through the TOEFL Reading Topics to get an idea of the questions that may be asked during the reading test. 

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