9+ Duolingo Accepting Universities in Japan

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Duolingo Accepted Universities in Japan: Dreaming of studying abroad in the land of manga, anime, and cutting-edge technology? If Japan is your ideal study destination, then look no further! This blog will guide you through the best universities in Japan that accept the Duolingo English Test (DET) scores. 


Great news for DET test-takers! You can now submit your scores to a growing number of prestigious universities in Japan. This widespread acceptance significantly simplifies the application process for international students. No longer do high testing costs or travel barriers stand in the way of pursuing your academic dreams in Japan. The diverse range of universities now accepting DET scores opens up a world of exciting academic opportunities. To discover the top Duolingo-accepting universities in Japan, keep reading and get ready to embark on your academic adventure in the land of the rising sun!

9+ Universities in Japan Accepting Duolingo Scores: Ranking and Score Requirement 

International students aiming for higher education in Japan, the “Land of the Rising Sun,” can submit Duolingo English Test scores to demonstrate their English language proficiency. DET scores, along with other English proficiency exams, are considered essential requirements for universities in Japan.

In recent years, particularly following the COVID-19 pandemic, Japanese universities have become more receptive to accepting Duolingo scores as proof of English proficiency. As a result, you now have a wider range of universities to choose from if you’re interested in studying in Japan at an institution that accepts Duolingo scores. See the table below for a list of the top Japanese universities accepting Duolingo scores in 2024.

Name of the University Minimum Duolingo Score Requirement QS Ranking 2024 
Tokyo University 90+#28
Kyoto University 105#46
Osaka University105+#80
Tohoku University105#113
Hokkaido University110+#196
Nagoya University110#176
Kyushu University105-110#164
Waseda University105-110#199
Keio University105-110#214
International Christian University105+1001-1200

5+ Duolingo-Accepting Universities in Japan 2024: Fees and Top Courses  

Refer to the following table to review the annual fees for international students at the best Duolingo-accepted universities in Japan. 

Name of the University Annual Fees for International Students Top Courses
Tokyo University ¥5,35,800 Engineering, Humanities 
Kyoto University ¥5,35,800- ¥8,04,000 Agriculture, Computer Science 
Osaka University¥2,82,000- ¥5,35,800Physics, Computer Science
Tohoku University¥5,35,800- ¥8,04,000 Molecular Chemistry, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 
Hokkaido University¥5,35,800- ¥8,04,000 Education, Agriculture 
Nagoya University¥3,60,000 Economics, Social Sciences
Waseda University¥16,01,000Applied Mechanics, Computer Science
Keio University¥9,80,000- ¥9,90,000Law, Medicine 

How to Improve Your Duolingo Scores for Universities in Japan? 

Duolingo Tips: While the Duolingo English Test (DET) is now accepted by many Japanese universities, those targeting top institutions should prioritise strategic preparation. This means creating a well-organized study plan and dedicating yourself to focused study. The DET plays a significant role in admissions decisions, making focused effort essential for success.

That being said, here are some effective Duolingo tips to help you streamline your preparation and maximise your results:

  • Understanding the assessment criteria and exam format is crucial for conquering the Duolingo English Test (DET). This knowledge gives you a clear picture of the exam’s structure and potential challenges. It also allows you to focus your preparation effectively.
  • Knowing what types of questions to expect can significantly reduce test anxiety. With this knowledge, you can develop targeted strategies to tackle each question type confidently. Additionally, familiarity with the format allows you to allocate your time efficiently throughout the test, ensuring you don’t run out of time on any section.
  • Practice tests are a powerful tool for DET success. Taking practice tests offers a double benefit: It can strengthen your understanding of the exam format. As you complete more practice tests, your understanding of the DET format solidifies.
  • Solving practice tests can also enhance your overall speed and accuracy. The more practice tests you take, the faster and more accurate you’ll become. Each conquered test builds your confidence and equips you to handle even challenging questions on the actual exam. 
  • Additionally, practice tests expose you to a wider range of question types with varying difficulty levels, preparing you for anything the DET throws your way.
  • Immersing yourself in a variety of English literature expands your vocabulary and deepens your understanding of grammar and sentence structure (syntax).
  • Regularly talking to native speakers is an invaluable resource for strengthening your comprehension. Engaging in everyday conversations helps you internalize the natural flow and subtle nuances of spoken English.

How to Send Duolingo Scores to Japanese Universities?  

While Duolingo English Test (DET) scores are becoming increasingly accepted by Japanese universities, the specific process for sending scores can vary depending on the university. Here’s a general guide to help you navigate the process:

  • Always begin by visiting the official website of the specific universities you’re interested in. Look for sections titled “English Language Requirements” or “Application Requirements” within the admissions section. These sections should detail accepted English proficiency tests and any minimum score requirements.
  • If the information isn’t readily available online, contact the admissions office directly. They can provide the most up-to-date details on whether they accept Duolingo scores and the specific submission process for your program of interest.
  • If the university accepts Duolingo scores, you’ll likely be able to submit them electronically during the application process. Here’s how:
  • When filling out the online application form, look for a section related to submitting standardized test scores. There may be a specific option for the Duolingo English Test.
  • You’ll likely need to link your Duolingo account to the application portal or provide your Duolingo Test ID. This allows the university to electronically retrieve your official score report.
  • Even if the university accepts Duolingo, some programs might have their minimum score requirements for the DET. Make sure your score meets these program-specific requirements.
  • Before submitting your application, double-check that you’ve followed the correct procedure for sending your Duolingo scores.

Duolingo English Test Eligibility Criteria for Studying in Japan 2024  

DET Eligibility Criteria: Duolingo test takers who wish to pursue their higher education in Japan must meet the following eligibility criteria before taking the exam. 

  • There are practically no specific eligibility requirements to take the Duolingo English Test. Anyone can take it, regardless of age, academic background, or location. As long as you have a computer, an internet connection, and a quiet testing environment, you can register and take the DET.
  • You must be 13 years of age or older to take the test. If you are under 13, you will need to provide guardian consent.
  •  A valid government-issued ID with a clear photograph is required. Examples include driver’s licenses and passports.
  • You will need a reliable high-speed internet connection, a working laptop or computer, and a webcam to complete the exam.

This blog post has explored the growing number of Duoling-accepting universities in Japan. As a reminder, the Duolingo English Test (DET) is a highly convenient and affordable option for demonstrating your English proficiency. It assesses your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in a comprehensive format.

If you’re aiming to pursue higher education in Japan and the DET aligns with your needs, don’t hesitate to explore the resources provided and delve deeper into the application process at your target universities. With dedication and preparation, you can turn your dream of studying in Japan into reality.

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Q1. What is the average Duolingo score requirement in Japan? 

Ans: The average Duolingo score requirement for Japanese universities ranges between 105-110. 

Q2. What are the best Duoling-accepting universities in Japan? 

Ans: Some of the best Duolingo-accepting universities in Japan are Tokyo University, Kyoto University, and Osaka University. 

Q3. What is the scoring range of the Duolingo English Test? 

Ans: The score range of the DET exam is 0 to 160. 

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