What is TOEFL Registration Number? 

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What is TOEFL Registration Number? 

TOEFL, or the Test of English as a Foreign Language, is an English Proficiency Test which must be undertaken by candidates who wish to study abroad or relocate overseas. Such a test is conducted to gauge an individual’s proficiency in the language and to determine whether they are adaptable enough to convey themselves in an international setting. Aside from TOEFL scores, one of the primary requirements requested by university authorities is the TOEFL registration number. But what exactly is this TOEFL Registration Number and why is it important? Continue reading to find out more about the TOEFL Registration Number. 


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What is the TOEFL Registration Number and How to Find It?  

The Toefl Registration Number refers to the candidate’s appointment number placed at the crest of the TOEFL iBT scorecard. You can distinguish and identify this number by the number of zeroes it contains. The TOEFL registration number usually comprises a few zeroes at the start. Institutions overseas often ask for this number for the verification of an individual’s test results. 

What is the Significance of The TOEFL Registration Number? 

Study Abroad aspirants are required to procure their TOEFL Registration Number during the registration procedure for the verification of their candidature and official test results. This is one of the primary requirements candidates are asked to procure along with their TOEFL Scores

Apart from the TOEFL Registration Number, there are certain other numbers that are used for the verification and identification of a student. These numbers are known as ID Numbers and ETS IDs. Have a look. 

What are ID Number and ETS ID? 

When we talk about the ID Number, it simply implies The ID number is just the number of the form of identification you gave while checking in at the testing centre. If you provided a passport, for example, the ID number is simply your passport number.

Your report may also include the ETS ID. This is the number that is associated with your ETS account. To return to our previous point, if you take the test more than once, your ETS ID will have all of your “appointment numbers” connected with it. 

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What is the ETS registration code?

The  ETS Registration Code is interchangeable with the TOEFL Registration Number, implying both credentials hold the same value in terms of credibility. So much so that many times universities (abroad) ask candidates to procure the ETS registration code instead of the TOEFL Registration number. 

TOEFL Registration Process

Individuals who wish to undertake the TOEFL Exam must apply for the said exam four months prior. Candidates are mandated to procure their identity proofs along with credentials such as passports during the registration process. Refer to the following steps to go through the complete registration process. 

Registration Via Official Website

Students who wish to register themselves for the TOEFL Exam via the official website of TOEFL can refer to the following steps. 

  1. Individuals must first visit the official website of TOEFL or download the TOEFL to commence the registration process. 
  2. It is critical for applicants to create their ETS account by entering their information and other crucial credentials. 
  3. Then, one must select the testing method, namely the TOEFL iBT test, TOEFL iBT Home Edition, or TOEFL Paper Edition. 
  4. It is critical that examinees select their preferred exam centres, exam date and time. 
  5. Candidates must pay the requisite amount of the exam fee to complete the registration process. The TOEFL exam fees (all formats) for Indian students in INR 16,900. 

Registration through Phone

Candidates who wish to apply for the TOEFL Exam via phone must do so only on working days. Refer to the following steps to understand the registration process via phone. 

  1. Candidates who are unable to pay the exam fees by the deadline must pay a late fine of INR 3,319. 
  2. Individuals are required to submit their photo ID and other credentials to commence the application process. 
  3. It is critical for candidates to contact the Regional Registration Center (RRC) to acquire the phone number of the TOEFL Testing Centre. 
  4. The entire application process will be conducted over a phone call. During the phone call, candidates are required to confirm their preferred test centre, exam date and timing. Doing so will allow students to book their slots for the exam. 
  5. It is critical for one to submit relevant information without discrepancies or loopholes. The data submitted must align with the official documents. 
  6. In the end, one must pay the required exam fees to ensure a successful and seamless application process. 


How to fill out the TOEFL registration form?

Candidates who wish to register themselves must fill in the requisite data included in their official documents. One must ensure that their name, birth date, residence, and name of parents are included in the submitted ID. Once the forms are filled, candidates are required to set their designated username and password. 

What is the late registration fee for TOEFL?

Students who are unable to register themselves prior to the given deadline must pay the late registration fee of INR 3,300 to ensure a complete their registration. 

How to cancel TOEFL registration?

Those who wish to cancel their TOEFL application must do so four days prior to the exam date. This will ensure that students are refunded 50% of the submitted fees. One must log into their ETS account to cancel the registration procedure. It is critical for applicants to provide an appointment number and name to ensure a successful cancellation process. 

The TOEFL Exam is one of the most widely taken English Proficiency Tests in the world. Therefore, study abroad aspirants who wish to pursue their higher education overseas are encouraged to undertake the said exam. 

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