List of Top Countries Accepting Duolingo Scores

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Countries Accepting Duolingo Scores

The Duolingo English Test is one of the world’s most popular English Proficiency Tests. The DET test is recognized and accepted by over 3,000 universities worldwide, including the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, the United States, and others. It has become one of the most sought-after proficiency tests among students worldwide. In this article, we have shared some of the major countries and universities accepting Duolingo Scores. Read the article to know more. 

Name of Exam Duolingo English Test
Exam Fee $59
Number of Attempts 3 (within a month) 
Duration  1 Hour 
Section 2

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Top Countries Where Duolingo Scores are Accepted 

The DET is an online English Proficiency Test that is used to assess an individual’s general competency and grasp of the English language. The test has gained popularity among students all around the world due to its affordability and convenience. Most of the major countries have begun to recognize and accept Duolingo scores over time.

 Today, more than 3,000 universities around the world offer admission to students based on their Duolingo results. Some of the major countries where Duolingo scores are accepted are the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and so on.  Refer to the data given below to go through the top universities accepting Duolingo scores. 

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Duolingo Accepted Universities in the USA

Refer to the table below to go through universities accepting Duolingo scores in the USA. 

Name of University  Minimum Duolingo Score 
University of Utah  105
Baylor University  125
University of Cincinnati 105
Arizona State University  105
Colorado State University  110
Oregon State University  110

Duolingo Accepted Universities in the UK

Refer to the table below to go through universities accepting Duolingo scores in the UK. 

Name of University  Minimum Duolingo Score 
Cardiff University  110-140
King’s College London   115
University of Aberdeen  105
University of Bath  120
University of Dundee 105
University of Glasgow  105

Duolingo Accepted Universities in Australia 

 Refer to the table below to go through universities accepting Duolingo scores in Australia. 

Name of University  Minimum Duolingo Score 
Adelaide Institute of Higher Education 95
Flinders University  95-100
Kaplan Business School  100
Carnegie Mellon University  125
Australian National University  110
JMC Academy  96-100

Duolingo Accepted Universities in Canada

 Refer to the table below to go through universities accepting Duolingo scores in Canada. 

Name of University  Minimum Duolingo Score 
University of Alberta 115-125
University of Toronto 120
Mc Master University  75-115
Simon Fraser University  125
Queens University  110-115
University of Waterloo 120-125

Duolingo Test Score: What is a Good DET Score? 

The DET exam has a score range of 0-160. A score of 110 is considered good and can even help with admission to some of the most prestigious universities in the world. Refer to the table below to understand the relationship between DET results and levels of English proficiency. 

Level of Proficiency  DET Score Analysis
Basic  10-55 Students can comprehend the basics of the English language. 
Intermediate 60-85 Students have an intermediate level of understanding of the English language. 
Upper-Intermediate 90-115 Students are able to respond by analysing the topics provided.   
Advanced  125-160 Students have a strong grasp of the English Language. 

How to Access the Duolingo Test Score?

Duolingo evaluates candidates on their proficiency in English literacy, comprehension, conversation skills, and writing/speaking skills. Refer to the following data to understand each sub-section of the DET test. 

  1. Literacy- This section assesses your ability to read and write in English. 
  2. Comprehension- It tests your listening and reading skills. 
  3. Conversation- This sub-section tests your listening and speaking skills. 
  4. Production- This section evaluates your writing and speaking skills. 


1. What countries is Duolingo accepted in?

Most of the major countries accept Duolingo scores, such as the UK, US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Germany etc. 

2. Does Germany accept Duolingo?

Yes, German universities accept Duolingo scores for admission. 

3. Is 115 a good Duolingo score?

Most universities abroad prefer Duolingo scores of 110 or above. That being said, a score of 110 is generally considered to be decent by most universities. Scores between 115-120 can lend you admission into most of the prominent universities abroad. 

The Duolingo English Test scores are accepted by most of the major countries and their universities. Given the simplicity and accessibility of the test, it has gained appeal not just among students but also among academic institutions over the course of time. Individuals who want to study abroad can, nevertheless, submit their Duolingo Test scores to their preferred universities to get admission to their UG/PG programs. 

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