7 April: IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic – Crime appears to be rising in most countries in the world, especially among young people.

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Crime appears to be rising in most countries in the world, especially among young people.

Q- Crime appears to be rising in most countries in the world, especially among young people. What are the possible causes of this trend, and what solutions would be effective in reducing crime levels?

Ans- Crime rates, particularly among young people, have been on the rise in many countries worldwide. This concerning trend requires a closer examination of its causes and the implementation of effective solutions to reduce crime levels. In this essay, we will explore the possible reasons for the increase in crime among young people and propose solutions to address this issue.


There are several factors that may contribute to the rising crime trend among young people. One significant cause is the lack of proper education and employment opportunities. Many young individuals may engage in criminal activities as a means to earn money or escape poverty. Limited access to quality education and job prospects can lead to frustration and hopelessness, which may drive young people towards crime. Another contributing factor is the influence of negative peer groups. Young individuals may be easily influenced by their peers, especially if they are involved in delinquent or criminal behaviors. Peer pressure can lead young people to engage in criminal activities in order to gain social acceptance or to belong to a particular group.

To effectively reduce crime levels among young people, several solutions can be implemented. Firstly, investing in education and creating employment opportunities for young individuals can provide them with a sense of purpose and reduce their inclination towards criminal activities. Secondly, promoting positive peer influences and building strong social support networks can also play a crucial role in preventing crime. Lastly, addressing the impact of technology and social media is essential. Implementing stricter regulations on online content and cyberbullying, as well as promoting digital literacy and responsible use of technology among young people, can help reduce the negative influence of the internet on criminal behavior.

In conclusion, the rising crime trend among young people can be attributed to various factors, including lack of education and employment opportunities, negative peer influences, and the impact of technology and social media. To effectively address this issue, a multi-faceted approach is required, including investment in education and employment opportunities, promotion of positive peer influences, and addressing the impact of technology. By implementing these solutions, we can strive towards reducing crime levels among young people and building safer communities for all. 

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